Democrats Decide to Give Tens of Thousands to UNDOCUMENTED ILLEGAL ALIENS

Illegal immigrants in New York State will be receiving a massive payout after Democrats in the state legislature approved a $2.1 billion allocation from the budget for undocumented workers. Individual illegal aliens could receive up to $15,600 each from the new state budget if they are able to prove that they have lost work or income due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those who are unable to provide this proof will still be eligible to receive $3,200.

Illegal immigrants win more than two billion

Allocating state funds for a payment to illegal aliens in New York State has been a major concern for Democrats in the state, with Democrat State Senator Jessica Ramos championing the move.

Ramos claimed that the payment is necessary to compensate illegal immigrant workers who have lost income due to the coronavirus.

According to Ramos “this nation’s economy has long been built on the backs of our undocumented workforce, and their essential labor that has helped keep our nation running throughout this pandemic.”

New York Republicans opposed the budget allocation but were unable to seriously challenge the large Democrat majority in the state legislature.

An estimated 300,000 individuals in New York are now eligible to receive thousands from the state budget with very few questions asked, per the wishes of the most left leaning wing of the state Democrats.

While California has previously enacted a similar policy for the benefit of illegal immigrants, New York is offering a far larger payout with few strings attached.

Democrats feel unassailable

New York Republicans called the new budget allocation an “outlandish development” in a state which holds an almost unassailable Democrat majority.

Citizens and small businesses in New York have suffered extensively from coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns over the previous year, receiving at times minimal support from either the state or federal government.

Now citizens of New York will be further hit with a budget which requires their own tax dollars to be diverted to illegal alien workers in the state, who legally should not even be allowed to remain in the country.

With unemployment still on the rise and a flood of migrants attempting to cross the border, New York Democrats are turning decisively against struggling New Yorkers with this budget, sure to attract even more migrants to the state.

The budget indicates the level of security which New York Democrats feel in their legislative majority. There appears to be very little fear of any backlash from New York tax payers.

Democrats in New York favoring criminals over citizens is no surprise. The sheer size of the budget being allocated to illegal immigrants, however, may come as a shock to many. Democrats in other states will surely be quick to follow in the footsteps of the power centers in New York and California.

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