Senators Warn: Corruption Runs DEEP in the FBI

Corruption,” Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson told Hannity viewers, runs really deep in the FBI. “It’s been running deep since the Hillary Clinton email scandal.” That’s why he no longer trusts them. Senator Mike Lee doesn’t trust them either and took out a page with Fox News to say why. The masses are grumbling, too. Phrases including “civil war” and “lock and load” are trending across all the social media platforms preferred by deplorable Trump supporters.

Deep corruption in the FBI

Senator Johnson would really love to hear from the hard working agents of the FBI who are ready to rat out the Deep State corruption.

He’ll go out of his way to protect anyone who wants to blow the whistle because “previous incidents clearly show the FBI is corrupt.” That’s why he personally “no longer trusts” the bureau. He’s not alone.

This has been brewing a long time and everybody knows it, the illicit corruption has “been running deep since the Hillary Clinton email scandal.” Remember, Johnson queries, “the editing of the James Comey exoneration email where they changed phrases like ‘grossly negligent‘ to ‘extremely careless‘ to avoid the criminal terminology?

Charges only get pressed against conservatives. Dare to question your school board about Critical Race Theory in the classroom and you suddenly find yourself labeled a domestic terrorist.

So, I do not trust the FBI. I don’t trust the upper echelons of the Department of Justice. Again, the rank and file, those individuals, if you want to see integrity restored to your agencies, you need to come forward.” The only way to end the corruption is by shining the light of transparency into the deep dark shadowy corners. “We’ll maintain your anonymity, but we need to talk to you to restore credibility to your agencies.

Phrases including “civil war” and “lock and load” trended across Telegram channels, Gab, Reddit and TheDonald, a popular forum among Trump supporters, CBS reports. “Ballot box, soap box, jury box, and ammo box … options are getting limited,” wrote one user. “Time to bear arms and take down the FBI,” wrote another.


Mike Lee demands answers now

On August 8, 2022, the FBI executed a search warrant on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence, Utah Senator Mike Lee began in an op-ed published by Fox. “With merely 91 days until the midterm elections, it is incumbent on Attorney General Garland to provide the country with immediate answers.” This is the first time in history that it’s ever been done and it looks a lot like corruption.

Every day spent in a season of speculation adds to the growing claims that the search was politically motivated. As a lawyer, former federal prosecutor, and current member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I have questions.” He numbered them and kept the words small enough for Merrick Garland to understand.

Garland already took responsibility for issuing the order. He was proud of it. Question number two is “Why break into the safe at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home rather than seize it, take it into custody, and seek a warrant to open it?” In fact, question 3 quizzes, “Why execute a search warrant rather than seek the items through an informal process such as a subpoena?” Under point 4, “If this is genuinely about presidential records, why would the former President — who was in charge of declassifying documents — be subject to prosecution for retaining custody of the same documents?

That’s where he goes out of his way to point out that “it’s important to note that classification authority belongs to the president of the United States — NOT to bureaucrats at the National Archives.” This isn’t about justice, it’s about power. That makes it a corruption scandal.

Lee also spells out that with this looking a lot like “political weaponization of federal law enforcement agencies” aren’t Americans justified in being nervous and “outraged by the Democrats’ plan to hire an additional 87,000 federal agents?” Ones eligible to carry guns and willing to use deadly force as well. Number 6 asks “How is this aggressive action defensible in light of the FBI’s and DOJ’s treatment of Hillary Clinton, who was never subjected to such an invasive intrusion of privacy, even though she mishandled classified material and destroyed evidence?

America hasn’t forgotten that corruption one bit. Lee goes on to list the way “the federal bureaucracy isn’t targeting Republicans when the FBI and DOJ have taken no action regarding flagrant violations of the law by pro-abortion extremists threatening Supreme Court justices at their homes.” Also it seems that Christopher Wray “intentionally” waited to “carry out the raid until after his oversight hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee.” It almost delayed his fishing trip.

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