Joe Taps Deep State RINO for High Ranking Position

President Biden, who has previously made successful efforts to win over the RINO contingent of the D.C. establishment, is said to have chosen his first Republican appointee. Cindy McCain, widow of the late Senator John McCain, has allegedly been chosen by the Biden administration to fill a diplomatic post with the United Nations World Food Programme. McCain has been a vocal supporter of Biden and campaigned for him extensively in the 2020 election.

Rewards for RINOs

The McCain family are well known for having been in recent years among the most vocal and visible of the “Republicans in name only.”

With their status as actual Republicans  being questionable at best, Democrats have widely latched on to the family as examples of an acceptable Republican “opposition.”

McCain policies and causes have generally been fully in line with standard Democrat orthodoxy in recent years, particularly as vehement opponents of President Trump and his supporters.

Now Biden is set to reward Cindy McCain for her prominent support during the election, a decision which must be at least partially intended to fulfill his promises of bipartisanship.

The Biden administration has thus far catered overwhelmingly to the left and the Democrat establishment which gave him the White House.

Appointing a McCain is hardly a surprising move for Biden, who will be expected to follow up on the pretensions of bipartisanship which frequently appeared during his campaign.

The Biden Republicans

While  a McCain may be the ideal Republican for a Democrat, it is difficult to imagine the appointment pleasing any real Republicans.

The appointment of a RINO to a minor diplomatic posting is more a deep state ritual than a real attempt to offer anything to Republican opponents of the administration.

Biden has previously spoken about what he views as the necessity of keeping a Republican Party alive. What he clearly means, however, is a Republican Party fully reshaped in the image of the McCain family.

Maintaining a neutered opposition faction for show can hardly go wrong for liberals if they have individuals like Cindy McCain eager to fill the role and play the part.

This first pick is likely to be heralded by the administration and Senate Democrats as a shining example of the bipartisan spirit being alive and well again in 2021.

In reality, this appointment is simply a Democrat who calls herself a Republican being rewarded by her own side for serving their interests loyally and American knows it.

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