Lawmakers Forced To Write Bill Protecting Your Rights

You knew this was coming, it’s a logical step. Trump never meant for people to be required to have this, especially when he and many Americans knew the cure was much simpler than this. Trump also already knew Democrats were going to weaponize this. It’s a way to make those who refuse look selfish. Your rights are going to need to be protected now. Even nurses were refusing the shot!

Government hates individual rights

It takes very little to start going down that slippery slope. Rhode Island lawmakers put a bill together that would make discrimination based on vaccination equal to that of other current discriminations such as race, gender or sexual orientation.  Ohio has one in the works too.

Rep. Thomas Noret of Coventry put a bill together that would both prevent discrimination against those who choose not to vaccinate as well as keeping Gov. Dan McKee from making vaccination mandatory in the event of an emergency. This has support across the board.

Rights need to start up early

Since schools are starting to do this too. Brown University and Roger Williams University are both requiring vaccinations for students returning in the fall. What happened with “my body, my choice?” Or did that go out the window since progressives didn’t like that mirror?

More people becoming eligible makes for more hesitant conversations. It quickly became political and everybody knows it. Private business can in theory do what they want but that’s in theory. They can also be boycotted too. PR goes both ways.

It’s necessary to have rights

If vaccinations are forced, the state just became a Gestapo. Rand Paul put it best when he slammed Dr. Fauci about the political theater. If people are allowed to go back to normal, such as removing masks, there might be a lot less hesitancy. But we’d still need to wear masks. Rep. David Place noted, “If we want people to actually get the vaccine, we need to gain their trust, not force them to do it. I think we need to allow that trust to build back up in this particular vaccine, and mandates are not the way you get people to trust or to gain trust in something.”

Rep. Dave Bennett assumed death if you catch COVID, “It’s great that this bill is getting people to talk, that’s what we always need to do. But the bottom line is if you don’t get vaccinated and you get COVID-19, you can trust where you’re gonna go, and that’s as simple as that.” Mr. Bennett, a lot of people have survived COVID. There are diseases out there that are more deadly than COVID that don’t have a vaccine.

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