Citizen Welcomes Biden With Gorgeous Overpass Mural…What Was the Artist Trying to Say

There’s plenty of propaganda going on. On one hand, Democrats can laugh and dismiss all they want. On the other hand, every effort, legal or illegal, is taking place to keep the truth from coming out. Anybody who was awake during that night saw it happen. The counting stopped at 1:30 am so the Democrats knew how many votes to manufacture.  Biden, you know Trump won. You couldn’t face him because you knew too.

Biden, there should be no campaign needed

For a plan that supposedly the people want. Just like you didn’t campaign during the election, there’s no need for this either. We all know you and the Democrats are just grabbing money and power while you can.

It begs the question. If you were kept in the basement during the election, were you actually going to travel to New Orleans? Or is this being done in front of a green screen?

The political machine

Put Biden in office with smoke and mirrors. Grab what you can while you can, never mind how badly it hurts Americans. “Infrastructure investment” is just a title. Nobody bothers to look at what it actually funds. Just believe the smiling face on your television.

An anonymous artist put his feelings in black and white on New Orleans infrastructure. That’s his investment.

Biden was elected fairly

Is what the news desperately wants you to think. No fraud whatsoever. But there’s so much fraud here officials that have the authority to change the election were and are being threatened and bribed into not even looking at the proof. The inventor Jovan Pulitzer TURNED DOWN a million dollar bribe. If we can’t trust our elections, power will  change hands at the business end of a firearm.

There will be those who want to remain in the dark. More than one person walked away from the Democrat party after doing their research. It’s common that it takes something personal happening to them to get their attention. #walkaway

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