BLM Leader Held Pregnant Woman Hostage…Then Law Enforcement Step In

The county’s Democratic Party is furious that the police would dare to interfere with a BLM protest and demand all charges be dropped. A group of Black Lives Matter anarchists literally held a pregnant woman on the way to the hospital as a hostage to their radical demands. The police are the ones in trouble for arresting her. Officers actually dared to criminally charge Tianna Arata and her fellow anarchists for the felony crimes they committed that day, but the Democrats officially demand an apology and complete freedom for all involved.

BLM should be allowed to do as they please

The San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party insists that BLM protesters should be allowed to do whatever they please, without any consequences, as a matter of “social” justice. On July 21, Antifa-linked Black Lives Matter protesters blocked a freeway in San Louis Obispo, California. The 20-year-old agitator leading the Antifa band, Tianna Arata, was arrested and charged with eight charges, at least some of them felonies.

At one point Arata and her rebel BLM forces “detained” a pregnant woman who was “ignorant” for trying to drive to the hospital through their protest. The law books call that “kidnapping,” and it’s a felony. Arata committed several other felonies that day. A 4-year old child was injured. Vehicles were attacked at random with an American flag attached to a pole. Over 300 people were in the mob as it rampaged through the streets.

The official statement released by SLOCDP says how “deeply disturbed” they are by “the San Luis Obispo Police Department’s recommended charges against Black Lives Matter activist Tianna Arata.” You can’t do that, they scream. They insist District Attorney Dan Dow immediately “drop the unwarranted, heavy-handed felony charges.” They also want “the San Luis Obispo City Council to publicly address the incident directly, as well as to implement corrective action to reverse the political weaponization of the city’s police department.” Suddenly, enforcing the laws and protecting citizens and their property has become political repression because it’s directed at BLM.

CS gas declared a weapon of mass destruction

The statement from the Democrats is such gibberish that it’s hard to follow, but the gist of it is that law enforcement is strongly discouraged and the tools of the trade should be banned from use, especially against BLM rioters. For instance, they make standard riot control gear seem like weapons of mass destruction.

“SLOCDP declares that weapons of war have no place in our community, especially military grade chemical weapons such as those used on protesters during a peaceful demonstration on June 1. Because the possession of such weapons is unnecessary and dangerous, and their use contributes to our county becoming known nationally as a place where law enforcement tramples on the 1st amendment, they must be renounced and abandoned.” BLM anarchists find tear gas highly annoying.

The scariest part is that the prosecutor seems ready to cave in to the BLM demands. Her lawyer is waiting to hear from the DA but “the information I have received is that our District Attorney’s Office has yet to make a determination as to whether they will file criminal charges against my client, Tianna Arata.” Forget about the pregnant woman and the injured toddler. “We are hopeful that, ultimately, our District Attorney’s Office will decide that a criminal case against Tianna Arata is not warranted so that this community and this inspiring person, Tianna Arata, can begin to recover from her arrest and its aftermath.” The DA says he’ll have a decision before her court appearance next month.

  1. the People should file charges against the DA if the LAWS ARE NOT ENFORCED FOR POLITICAL REASONS.

    II’m think 20 to LIFE for all the charges that CAN BE BROUGHT against the DA.

    1. Sedition is a serious felony punishable by fines and up to 20 years in prison and it refers to the act of inciting revolt or violence against a lawful authority with the goal of destroying or overthrowing it.

  2. Throw the law book at these blm marxist bastards and PUT THEM AWAY FOR LIFE. If any of the dimwitted commies continue to interfere, then give them the same treatment-MAKE IT PERMANENT.

  3. Wish they had the ‘tar & feather’ approach to persons like this anarchist. Then ride them out on a rail. Heck, ship them off to an island, and let them eat themselves to death. They do NOT deserve to live in the United States.

  4. I can’t believe they keep caving to these BLM and Antifa terrorists, there are some peaceful protesters, but the movement has been taken over by these violent people and if our law enforcement keeps caving into them it’s going to only get worse, the democrats are backing them, so they feel empowered. I feel for the police especially in these democratic areas, as they have no one backing them when they are trying to keep the peace for the everyday people that are trying to live their lives.

  5. People needs to decide if it is better to have the rule of law followed to protect themselves and their fellow law abiding citizens or allow a Marxist group dictate their lives. If it is the former begin by telling the politicians they will be recalled or voted out of office. If it is the later, you can only blame yourselves.

  6. BLM is an admitted Marxist organization. There seems to be many badly educated people not aware Marxists aren’t exactly in favor of America or her government. To put it simply Marxists are our mortal enemies doing everything they can to destroy this country and our way of life. Anyone who supports them in any way is a traitor and unfit to hold public office, instruct at educational facilities or work in law enforcement.

  7. Shame they didn’t charge them with terrorist threats, endangering the lives of both mother and child while getting ready to ship them to Getmo. It’s called kidnapping and unlawful detainment what the BLM did. What if she died and her baby due to the BLM thugs actions? Would murder charges be wrong too? What if it was a person having a heart attack and they died? When is this going to reach a place when democrats think it has gone far enough? When the people rise up and go after not only the BLM but their ignorant butts as well?

  8. Shouldn’t BLM and Antifa be charged with sedition as the least charge? And attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder with their use of bricks, frozen water bottles, molatov cocktales, and baseball bats?

    Sedition: Sedition is a serious felony punishable by fines and up to 20 years in prison and it refers to the act of inciting revolt or violence against a lawful authority with the goal of destroying or overthrowing it.

  9. Do these mayors and governors of these cities and state really think they will be re-elected for their part in all this crime. And any cop who is ordered to protect these low life governors and mayors should be ashamed of themselves. Why would you protect someone who is out for your job and can’t stand you for what you represent? Take a stand and don’t worry about your pension because this keeps up you’re gonna lose it anyway! All these cities are going to be bankrupt 10 fold, which is why they are probably letting the shift so the federal government will bail them out!

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