Sickening Reports Unmask Officials, Corruption Exposed on Plandemic

U.S. intelligence officials are still working through a sickening batch of spy reports but they already unmasked corrupt or incompetent local government officials. Local party bosses failed to notify their superiors about what was really happening in the crucial first stages of the Covid-19 plandemic. Officials in Wuhan, China, hid essential information about 2019-nCoV from Beijing just when the world needed the information the most, keeping everyone in the dark for “weeks.”

Reports contain ‘indisputable evidence’

The U.S. continues to collect information about the outbreak in China but official U.S. government sources leaked to CNN that they have “indisputable evidence of the local cover-up attempt.” Not only that, the reports show “when the Chinese Communist Party learned about the virus,” they tried to force a lid on it too. The CCP “sought to obscure “the full extent of that knowledge from the rest of the world.” That, the sources note, is “painting an overall picture of a dangerously secretive political system.”

As the Trump administration has been insisting all along, the current reports match the exact same pattern “that was also seen during the outbreak of SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome in 2003.” President Donald Trump is convinced that “Beijing intentionally allowed the virus to spread beyond its borders to harm other nations’ economies,” CNN writes.

The spy reports show that both state officials and Chinese Communist Party officials “did not freely share information with their counterparts in Beijing.” The Chinese only recently allowed diplomats to return to the embassy in Wuhan so the spooks haven’t been talking to their contacts for a while but now that they’re plugged back in, the information is trickling in again.

The full picture about the severity

The U.S. intelligence community was on the job even before Americans started showing symptoms and way back then were concerned that the people in charge at the local level in Wuhan, “did not initially give Beijing the full picture about the severity of the situation there.” The intelligence reports indicate they were right.

The officials who met secretly with CNN related that “there came a point where Xi did become aware of the full extent of the outbreak in Wuhan and realized that the virus was spreading but continued to downplay the situation publicly.” It’s not clear from the reports exactly when our intelligence community figured that out. However the leakers admit “there was a point in February,” where “Xi’s public comments and actions seemed to indicate the Chinese leader was realizing the virus was going to pose bigger problems than he initially thought, as he called for more action to be taken.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has no doubt in his mind. He’s totally convinced that “the fault for the virus’s staggering death toll worldwide lies with China and its political system.” He already knows what’s in the secret reports and he flatly accuses “Beijing’s senior leaders of having no intention of being forthcoming with the world, even on a health matter with global consequences.”

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