Young Schoolgirl Turns Into Jihadist Loving Hoochie, Then Court Smacks Her Down

The British court system isn’t feeling very sympathetic to the plight of Shamima Begum. They smacked down her request to be allowed return. The schoolgirl turned her back on her homeland at the tender age of 15 to wage jihad. Along with two of her friends who ended up in Syria, the hoochie was quickly married off to an ISIS terrorist. Now she’s a woman without a country and a security threat to the United Kingdom.

Court says no way

Shamima Begum was 15 when she abandoned London for the life of an ISIS slave bride. The world tracked her travel through the nation of Turkey with two other schoolgirls and they eventually made it to Syria. There, they were promptly passed around to the soldiers as rewards.

Officially, they call that a marriage. Now that she’s 21 and stuck in a detention camp, she wants to come home. There’s only one little problem. The highest court in the UK just said “no way.”

Begum had her British citizenship ripped away in 2019. They did it for good reason, after all she’s now considered an enemy combatant. Even so, she decided she wants her citizenship back so she’s fighting in court.

The liberal appeals bench had taken pity on the poor terrorist, noting “she could only have a fair appeal of that decision if she were allowed back to Britain.”

The high court disagrees. They overturned the lower decision on security grounds. The crown argued that their “intelligence agencies concluded those who aligned with ISIS posed a serious current risk to national security.”

Especially when they fit into the culture and know their way around the city. Begum can still fight the decision but she has to do it from Syria.

Can’t hear the impossible

The UK Supreme Court decided that in Begum’s case its “a vital public interest” because she puts the safety of the public at risk.

When protecting public safety makes it impossible for the case to be fairly heard then tough luck. In that case, they ruled, “the courts cannot ordinarily hear it.” You can’t do the impossible.

Over in Britain, the press has been hammering the issue and it has “those who say she forsook her right to citizenship by traveling to join ISIS” going head to head with open borders liberals who “argue she should not be left stateless but rather face trial in Britain.” The court is obviously playing it safe.

Here in America, most rational people agree with the British Court. The girl may have been young but she knew what she was doing and some decisions are final. This is one of them.

She may have thought life as the bride of a Muslim freedom fighter would be glamorous until she found out it meant virtual slavery while her husband was more likely to be humping some goat when he wasn’t hiding in the bushes shooting at people.

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