Carlson Roasts Democrat Debate

Normally an incumbent member of Congress doesn’t agree to a debate. Due to redrawn districts however, two Democrats have to do it. Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, both of New York, will need to face off if they want to continue to serve. Tucker Carlson commented the debate showed that the Democrats are a cartel that just perpetuates itself. The whole Democrat party is in a rut dating to Obama.

Carlson noted the district

Perpetuating a cartel could be in a worse district. New York’s 12th Congressional District is one of the most wealthy in American politics. Four out of five zip codes here are high on the Democratic fund raising list.

The fresh face, Suraj Patel, 38 joined Maloney, 76 and Nadler, 75. Patel didn’t say anything new.

Carlson said they aren’t cheering for Biden

“We’re going to start tonight with a headline from the debate, which you’ve already likely seen: Neither [Maloney or Nadler] is cheerleading for Joe Biden,” he noted. When asked if they supported Biden for re election, neither were positive.

Nader: “Too early to say. It doesn’t serve the purpose of the Democratic Party to deal with that until after the midterms.” Maloney: “I don’t believe he’s running for re-election.”

Carlson knows

“Well, like everything she says, it’s not exactly a profound observation. Of course, Joe Biden isn’t running for re-election. He can barely find the men’s room. The second the midterms are done, he will find a way to tell the rest of us that. So, that was not very interesting. It was predictable.”

It was curious how those two candidates spoke of their accomplishments. Nadler was proudest about his involvement in impeaching Bush twice. Nadler boasted, “And an insurrectionist Republican Party for the first time in our history, trying to stop the peaceful transfer of power. Now, therefore, I have, I — I am leading the fight to, uh, stop this, and I have passed the, uh, two impeachments in leading this, I impeached Bush twice.”

Carlson remarked on the priorities

“Jerry Nadler is asked, ‘What are you proud of?’ And he’s talking about multiple impeachments. Whatever you think of impeachments, did they improve a single life in this country?” “No.”

Maloney’s priorities are in the wrong directon too. She said, “Our work is not over yet. We need to protect women. We need to pass gun safety laws. We need to combat climate change.”

Carlton spotted the emphasis

“So, those are her top priorities. This is one of the most powerful sitting members of Congress. First priority: protecting women. In other words: more abortions, protecting women from having children, so they can continue to work in some depressing midtown bank. Don’t raise your family. Go to work. What Carolyn Maloney does not mean by protecting women, of course, is punishing criminals. They’re free to beat women on the subway in New York with no consequences — and they routinely do. But that’s number one, protecting women, more abortions.”

Two other priorities are guns and climate change. He continued, “Number two, gun safety laws. Now, none of these gun safety laws, meaning gun confiscation laws, will be enforced in places where the Democrats get a huge percentage of the vote, like Chicago or Baltimore or New York or Gary, Indiana. They get a pass, but disarm the other side. Then, number three, combating climate change because you don’t need air conditioning in the summertime. You don’t need a car!”

Carlson on Patel

He’s young, only 38. Maybe there’s something fresh to him. Nope. Patel said, “I am a lawyer, a professor and an Obama Democrat — from whom I learned the Democrats lead best when we lead with new ideas, energy and a new generation of leadership.”

Carlson summarized, “Yeah. That guy’s got new ideas and energy, just like Barack Obama. That’s why he’s supporting Joe Biden running for re-election again. It’s pathetic. It’s not just him. It’s not just Maloney. It’s not just poor Jerry Nadler. It’s the entire Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has run out of gas. The Democratic Party at this point is a cartel that exists only to perpetuate itself and the elderly mediocrities who run and benefit from it — all of them.”

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