Children are Now Going to Be Taught That Supporting the Police and Not Watching the News is a Form of White Supremacy


One Pennsylvania school district is so obsessively liberal they are indoctrinating elementary school children with ideas like tolerance of police officers is White supremacist racism and tuning out the official propaganda on the network news is just as prejudiced. Kindergarten age kids get a kiddie dose of the Kool-Aid but the mind-control programming starts at the very beginning.

Liberally programming the children

Black Lives Matter propaganda is an officially endorsed part of the curriculum for children in one Pennsylvania school district. The Washington Free Beacon revealed that “Gladwyne Elementary School — located in Lower Merion School District, one of the richest in the nation — will require fourth and fifth graders to read ‘Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness,’ which claims that white people who relate to police officers or decline to watch the news are complicit in racism.”

Their plans for progressive mind control includes, ‘A Kid’s Book About Racism’ “to kindergarten and first graders.” Parents are understandably furious. “The books are raising eyebrows among some parents, who take issue with their political focus.” The children are confused.

Elana Yaron Fishbein, a mother of two boys and a doctor of social work, is one of the angry parents. Mrs. Fishbein penned a letter to the district’s superintendent, board members, and the school’s principal demanding the school remove its new “cultural proficiency” curriculum” and stop poisoning the minds of her children.

1984 wasn’t meant to be a textbook

George Orwell’s 1984 was meant to be a warning. Followers of Saul Alinsky embraced it as textbook in social engineering. Televisions today watch you back. Big Brother has gotten a PR makeover to become your less sinister little sister Alexa. In Lower Merion, turning off CNN is racism which children are taught should be immediately reported to the thought police.

If that weren’t bad enough, liberals are inflicting a White guilt complex on impressionable toddlers by burdening the children with “the original sin of being born White.” The idea is to turn them against their parents which reduces the emotional inhibitions against turning them in for thought-crimes. Kids as young as five are taught “to hate their parents also because they are white.” The scary part is that most of the kids are too. “By default, [the kids] are white, and they’re privileged,” to the district, that means “they’re bad.” Fishbein can’t believe the school “is teaching this to little kids.”

It’s not an isolated incident. All across the country, school lesson plans “are changing to accommodate the demands of Black Lives Matter activists.” Loudon County School District, in Virginia, for instance, “is working with a far-left group called ‘Teaching Tolerance’ to add ‘anti-racism’ classes to the curriculum, where kids will be lectured about how evil America is because of its history of slavery.” The children don’t get much say in it.

Nobody is willing to speak up about the liberal programming of young children, especially the kids, because they’re accused of being racist. “If you say anything that’s racist according to the school or parent’s definition of racism, you’re out,” Fishbein noted. “You’re called a racist. No wonder the parents don’t talk.”


  1. You got to love this BS . It’s the white delusional democrats saying whites are racists. And being white themself’s , makes one wonder …. what the hell are they thinking . They have cops protecking them and their calling the cops white racists . So are the black cops now white racists too ??? The cops should walk away a refuses to guard the dumb ass white delusional democrats . I mean won’t want the delusional democrats to have racists cops protecking them … right ??? That would make them look bad in the eyes of their pet BLM . Poor baby’s … bless their hearts . The poor delusional democrats just can’t get a break . If only they had one smart player with half a brain they could all be dangerous . Good thing they don’t . Just look at this story and see just how stupid the delusional democrats really are . Or do they mean all other whites … but … not them ??? Their the good whites … right ???? Ask any NA about the word of the white delusional democrats . That’s all I have to say about that

    • i saw Mrs. Fishbein on Hannity tonite she mentioned an organization and I didn’t get the full name. I would definately like to put my two cents in, to support Mrs Fisbein. Being a 73 year old white female, I will not apologize to anyone for being white. My husband’s father died at an early age, My husband put himself thru college (Villanova to be exact) no one gave him a dime. After years of hard work, he then went on to become a CEO in a great company. We don’t owe anyone an apology for hard work and being white!!!! There are people who were born with silver spoon in their mouths and have the right to give their kids the best, no one has the right to make them feel guilty. I hope every parent who loves this country, bc the liberals do not, take their child out of the school, like Mrs Fisbein did.

  2. OMG…you have got to be kidding me….starting the kindergarten and 1st grade how to hate your parents, police…this is getting beyond insane

  3. The BLM advocates are even more insane than the Nazis. How do you teach children to hate their own race? There are extreme feminists that want male children to feel guilty about being male. How can you teach children to hate their own gender?


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