Sweden’s Top Epidemiologist Drops Bombshell Announcement That Destroys Cv-19 Narrative in U.S

Dr. Yitzhak Ben Israel  studied several countries related to COVID-19, including Sweden. Their response to the virus has been relaxed in comparison. Now Anders Tegnell, the nation’s top epidemiologist, has spoken with the media about his findings. Conditions are starting to stabilize. Worldwide, Sweden has been criticized for not locking the country down. People globally trusted their government. Sweden trusted its citizens.

“We’re on a sort of plateau,” Tegnell explained to the Swedish news agency TT.

Sweden simply trusted the people to act responsibly and follow proper protocol. Why does this seem so strange, asking people to practice personal responsibility? Lofven’s plan to trust the people to do what was needed was very much appreciated. His popularity has soared.

“I have very high confidence in the Swedish authorities that manage this,” Volvo Cars CEO Hakan Samuelsson said during a phone interview. “It’s a hard balance to strike, but I have full confidence in the measures that Sweden has taken.” Volvo was forced to freeze production, laying off thousands. They’ll resume production Monday.

“Our measures are all based on individuals taking responsibility, and that is also an important part of the Swedish model,” Samuelsson said.

What happened?

Individual responsibility used to be an American hallmark. Now we blindly give that up when we’re scared. Any nationwide fear, real or imagined, now sends us fleeing to the perceived comfort of our homes. But you can’t live in fear.

If you can’t trust the person next to you, you might just as well not do anything. Don’t go to work, don’t leave your home. This goes for any country.

People worldwide require that government trust them. In order to do that, a lesson in economics as well as the concept of spontaneous order is wise. A trusted populace unleashed will accomplish amazing things.

The Foundation for Economic Education’s Jon Miltimore wrote a piece about how Sweden has dealt with the virus. Leonard Read figured the more complex the situation, “the more we should rely on the miraculous, self-adapting processes of men acting freely.”

Alternate media will carry this news

As Professor Ben Isreal advocated, look at the worldwide examples. Many people have natural immunity. Some have been exposed and recovered. We still don’t have vaccines for some illnesses, such as HIV. But we can’t wait for that.

The major American news media unbelievably wants the economy to collapse. Two reasons for that include the Trump Derangement Syndrome and the media needs eyes, regardless the cost. Major social media is attempting to block a different view of COVID19. The current narrative must continue.

But people by and large are smart. Provide the information and they’ll act accordingly, regardless the media’s ulterior motives. There have been news articles regarding possible cures. Why aren’t these being utilized? Government sees a perceived liability?  Or is it more accurate to say there are entities that want a world order?

  1. Why are we bombarded with “We were aware of that from day one” Really? What section of the human spirit compels us to ” thump our chest” AFTER thousands have died? If the confidence of your research is to be considered, I’m not sure I would step forward and deliver such a statement. If this is the academic, scientific miniscule spot of compassion for mankind, arrogant smugness must be the elitist ” gotcha game.”

  2. ““Our measures are all based on individuals taking responsibility, and that is also an important part of the Swedish model,” Samuelsson said.”

    And that is why it would never work in the US. People are raised here too often to throw all their problems on someone else while doing anything whatever that they please. They eat like pigs and don’t exercise, then complain that we have to spend too much on healthcare.

  3. From what I’ve seen and heard, several ( American) groups…including arrogant and clueless millenials and college kids, as well as selfish city dwellers, could care less about getting or spreading it. Spring Break is a great example; then there are the people being caught sneaking in apartment party crowds during NYC’s quarantine and college kids announcing on twitter, etc., they don’t give a damn and they’ll do what they want…we’re supposed to trust THEM?

    1. “arrogant and clueless millenials and college kids” . . . . whose chance of contracting the virus is a tiny fraction of 1%.

      New York dropped the BALL . . . 1/4 of all US deaths in NY State thanks to the incompetent Gov Cuomo sending infected seniors back to care homes.
      Sweden protected their seniors . . . . 5 Dem run States accounted for 1/2 of US deaths . . . they ignored the vulnerable seniors.

  4. My opinion is the money in America what more control over our country people. George Soros what’s to run the world. There are people who what to make slaves of working people. People want to open the world so there are no borders. Then there is the muslim, they just what to kill and rape and destroy anything that is not of their beliefs. We need people to come together and get ready to stand up for the freedoms, we were raised with. I hope Sweden is right that people are smart and can see what our congress and some of our leaders are doing before it’s to late. But I think time is running out.

    1. Very well said, thank you Mary. Soros needs to be sent out of this country, he wants to run it with One World Order. I despise that jack***!

    2. The criminal politicians have to get by the American people last, they will not stand and they will swing, the funny thing here is: it will not take very long to set things straight. The reckoning in coming and I do hope the few good politicians clean the clocks correctly and if not, the mistake will cost them big

  5. Sweden doesn’t have all the worthless POS people we have in this country. We have illegals coming out our ears, including the most dangerous, RAGHEADS!

    1. You hit the nail on the head Phil ! Just like these riots : looting , burning & murdering savages – ALL across the country , just to support one worthless criminal ! They haven’t evolved the 55 years , since the ’60s ! Can’t EVER trust ANY of them !

  6. Chi-na started WWIII & should be treated as such with scorched earth policy, deep state, invading illegal aliens & every anchor baby needs their illegally gained US citizenship stripped just because they were crapped in Our Nation(go back 50 years), every Muslim Obama snuck into America(all of the Somalians & others)must be deported or shot, put $5 for set of ears bounty along with 24/7 hunting on them all with no limits starting in 24 hours, wonder how many will self deport?

  7. It became apparent to me unexpectedly. It seemed very strange that every one I have spoken with says the same thing. I’ve had no personal experience with this coronavirus. This PANDEMIC? It seems as though only certain areas have been affected with this so called PANDEMIC! Yet we all, each individual has been affected by not the disease, but the panic and disinformation.

  8. Sweden has more young people who live by themselves than the U.S. The virus spread from people coming into the U.S. from outside into a section of the U.S. where thousands live on top of each other. Sweden doesn’t even have that in their cities. The virus didn’t spread as fast as here due to the differences in density. And of course on the west side it was introduced into the tightest community possible, the nursing homes and taken home by visitors and workers. Probably brought into a home by a worker. Any ways according to Sweden’s population they had a high number of people with the virus and deaths from the virus. Ours so far is figured at less than one per cent of the population. So I will go by the differences in both countries and keep on protecting myself where I am and hope they will find a vaccination. As for there is no vaccination for AIDS yet, AIDS was transferred from men to men through sexual activity which can be controlled by not doing the men to men sex while this virus moves from a person to a person through the air, by contact, how, they still don’t really know, they think it is from hands to your nose from another person through touching the same thing, they think, they don’t know for sure. So until they do know, I am being very careful around people.

  9. But, but, Sweden didn’t have a president the media wanted to destroy no matter what the cost.

  10. The US started losing the personal responsibility war when the Great Society law was passed. People no longer had to rely on themselves but let the government take care of them.

  11. What has happened if we don’t do what the state tells us to? Very few of us end up in jail or even fined but they have gained a firm grip on our lives and we allowed it. The teens and youth still did as they wanted, and our nation only suffered jobs losses and of course the riots. We learned we can’t trust the CDC, the hospitals or the MSM to report the facts about covid19 and we have had a huge number of riots with masses of people ignoring the rules to avoid the virus yet they are not getting sick and fatalities, while the government keeps telling the law abiding citizens that all of us staying in, wearing mask, keep a safe distance are. So which is worse, staying in or rioting in large groups crammed together? Anyone know the answer to that?

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