Bombshell Report Shows Shutdowns Were Pointless All Along

We don’t shutdown for the flu that kills thousands every year. This has been media generated panic. The President is smart to be reopening the country. He’s just as shrewd to remind governors that this ball is in their court. Among other reasons, any blame should be placed on each state. The federal government ensures domestic tranquility and protects our border. As much as the media desperately wants to blame the President for anything, it’s really in states’ hands.

A prominent Israeli professor has confirmed what many have quietly thought all along. Yitzhak Ben Israel of Tel Aviv University is on the research and advisory board for Teva, a prominent worldwide pharmaceutical company. His findings suggest the shutdowns were just an excuse to try to crash the economy. COVID19 runs its course, regardless of what governments do.

The professor charted the rates of new infections throughout much of the world – US, UK, Sweden, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and France. These countries are much like the United States in culture and government. It didn’t matter if the country pursued a severe  shutdown like Israel or if the virus was all but ignored such as Sweden. The results were the same. It spiked and receded the same way.

Dr. Ben Isreal spotted identical disease progression. Infections grow dramatically until a peak in the sixth week. By the eighth week, it fades quickly.

The media needs eyes regardless the cost

Isreali shutdown restrictions are such that even leaving to pick up food is not permitted. The only allowed outings are for medical care and work considered essential.  Even during Holy Week, worshipers to the Western Wall and Mass observation were all but deserted.

Stockholm, Sweden was a night and day contrast. It was business as usual, no shutdowns. Gatherings of over 50 people were suspended. The disease followed the same trajectory in both places. So why the blackout?

The professor said the virus followed its pattern regardless whether people were locked down or not. “There is a decline in the number of infections even [in countries] without closures, and it is similar to the countries with closures.” The “expansion (of coronavirus infections) begins exponentially” it “fades quickly after about eight weeks.” Epidemiologists don’t understand the reasoning but that’s the facts.

Models are statistical only

The professor believes these facts – not projections – confirm there’s no need for the shutdowns. So what’s behind it? He thinks it’s all about hysteria. “I think it’s mass hysteria. I have no other way to describe it. 4,500 people die each year from the flu in Israel because of complications, so close the country because of that? No.”

“This appearance of certainty is seductive when the world is desperate to know what lies ahead,” Britta Jewell of Imperial College and her associates stated in their Annals paper. But the IHME model used to predict “rests on the likely incorrect assumption that effects of social distancing policies are the same everywhere.”

Our own hysteria was started by a paranoid Dr. Fauci running to the President with equally crazy predictions from Professor Neil Ferguson of the UK. The original predicted number has shrunk by the projections of the University of Washington model Dr. Fauci is now relying on. The estimates of deaths now equals a bad flu year, 61,000. Ferguson has eased his projected death toll in the UK to 20,000, only 4% of his prediction.

Some people shouldn’t be listened to

Professor Neil Ferguson predicted 150,000 lives would be lost to mad cow disease. That’s a wildly inflated number from what the death toll was, only 177. Why is he given any credibility? Lives and livelihoods have been ruined over this. Responsible entities need to lawyer up. Laws will need to be passed to keep the class action lawsuits on the horizon from being thought of.

  1. As with topics such as ‘man-caused climate change’ and ‘Russian collusion’, only the mainstream-approved side of this story will get into the news media – that the corona virus is a terrible disease and we need to live for weeks on end in seclusion – ruining the economy – to stop it from killing millions. Now that is a subject worthy of an investigation.

  2. It’s a shame the US put itself through such hysteria. Getting just a wee bit hysterical over ” the brilliance of the first prediction, where were these who now tell us it was not needed. If those who made the call, or those who trumpeted the dire consequences are known, make it a public pronouncement and NO Supposition, maybe, I think, My neighbor said, I have a friend thats a medical student and he said, a girl down at the beauty parlor said, My barber told me. or It is a sign from above.

  3. After completely screwing up on initial projections, now the same people are claiming that later this year a second wave will engulf us and it will be worse than the first pass. Anything to maximize the hysteria and to keep the economy shut down. Evidence seems to show that the shutdown to combat COVID-19 accomplished exactly what it was intended to do-destroy the economy and they hope, destroy Trump’s chances for reelection at the same time. If the economy is opened up, there is a good chance that Trump can have it operating efficiently by November and that is exactly the reason the Democrats and the media are opposed to opening it up now. The left don’t give a damn how badly they hurt the citizens-they want Trump gone.

  4. I have stated, numerous times, in numerous places: this shut down was THEE STUPIDEST act in the history of mankind! Ban international travel; isolate and treat the ill and vulnerable as needed; LEAVE healthy people and businesses, the hell alone. Let the world turn as normal.

  5. I believe it was all overkill and ended up being an attempted political takedown of President Trump.
    Fauci has been all over the board, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, covid survives on hard surfaces, there’s no danger of getting covid from hard surfaces, there will be 240,000 covid deaths in the USA and on and on.
    Fauci is DC Swamp rat and has been since 1984. I don’t know what his game is but the guy is unreliable and loony.

  6. Think about it, for two months the terrorist have been roaming around in large close groups and outside. The law abiding citizens have been doing as told, and the youth has still acted like young people and partied hardy. Now how many rioters are down with the virus? How many law abiding citizens? How much of our youth? Don’t believe the CDC or media but how many do you know of? If it was as bad as they claim everyone would know at least one person if not more. So how many really are infected? We now know we can’t trust the CDC or Media to report facts and we see the same choke hold democratic leaders endorsing and encouraging the riots so if the virus was spreading like they claim then do democrats want to get rid of a huge number of humans or is this all a pile of BS?

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