Boom: Bernie Sanders Just Flipped

Radical socialist Bernie Sanders has completely flipped. Going totally against everything he said along the campaign trail, Bernie is now head-over-heels in love with Joe Biden.

Bernie flipped like a pancake

The Senator from the maple syrup capitol of Vermont is extremely familiar with pancakes, so it’s not surprising that he flipped like one. Putting aside all of their numerous ideological differences, Bernie Sanders insists, is the only hope that the New World Order has of defeating their arch enemy in the fall. Maybe he was secretly told that he didn’t have to compromise his own revolutionary principles, because Biden’s more “moderate” wishes are no longer a factor.

The only reason that Sanders would do something so revolting to his anarchist fan base is if he knew that Biden had caved in to their schemes. He didn’t just flip his lid, it was flipped for him by his Open Societies masters. George Soros and Black Lives Matter have Creepy Joe’s soul in one of those Voodoo jars. Like a good zombie, Biden is rising up from his basement to follow all the commands of his Dark Lord master. Which is how Kamala Harris got named as his planned successor. Sanders got everything he wanted, and gets to stay at his beach house too.

Bernie Sanders’ lid may not be on tight enough to keep from getting flipped in the first place, but this is something that clearly goes much deeper. Deep State deeper. “My message to our supporters is we have got to do everything that we can to defeat Donald Trump, who I view as the most dangerous president in American history.” Nationalism completely terrifies the children of darkness who do the bidding of Darth Soros.

Let the riots begin

Sanders has the whole flipped script all planned out starting “the day after we elect Joe Biden as president.” Radical anarchists, he suggests, will get the green light to burn America to the ground. “We got to rally our people to stand up and fight for an America that works for all and not just the few.” They can start by demanding “Medicare for All,” to keep going while they spread out and “eat the rich.”

Radical progressives including Jake Tapper at CNN went on the airwaves to call Sanders out for the way he obviously flipped his position on key issues. “If Wall Street breathes a sigh of relief with Kamala Harris being named to the ticket,” he demanded to know, “what does Bernie Sanders do?” The tone of his voice inferred he was really asking, “have you lost your mind?”

Bernie calmly replied, referring to himself in the third person, because he’s not really in charge of himself anyway, “what Bernie Sanders is going to do is do everything that I can to defeat Donald Trump, to elect Joe Biden.” He hasn’t flipped like everyone thinks he has. He knows the fix is in. “And after the Democrats have control of the Senate and the House, and Joe is the president, we’re gonna do all that we can to mobilize people for a progressive agenda.” The “progressive agenda” means disarming and disbanding the police so underprivileged Black Anarchists can “self-reparate” by shopping the suburbs with a ball peen hammer for a visa card.


  1. Bernie didn’t flip they just gave him another
    beach house to shut the hell up…typical politician piece or????!


  3. I think bernie loses in each election to push some one else in office , then hangs on as a boot licker to get his commie ways in to play . So be ready to give everything you worked for over the last 20 to 30 years to the new government if old perverted joe wins . Like they said the workers will pay for the ones that don’t want to work . Free everything to the lazy people for votes . That’s what they plan . Then take away your freedom of speech and your guns . We will be a new Germany controlled like sheep . Iam guessing the snowflakes will like that , then they won’t have to think for themself’s . The government will tell them what to think and what to say and act like good snowflakes for their master’s . I’ll die standing befor bending a knee to commies . Let history guide you and avoid pass mistakes . If old joe wins a women will run the country . And so far every women working in our government lost their damn minds . Just look at them … first delusional hillary , then nasty turkey neck Nancy , mad dog face max waters , then the terrorists Muslim women and now a nun American black women Who is corrupt and has a sex scandal going on . She slept her way to the top . True to the delusional democrat way . And still the dumb ass’s vote these women in to office … why ??? To bad the men in our government today became pussy wopped little bitchs and handed them their ball’s . They gave up their man cards . We need a real man running the country . One not ruled by menopause and wacky thoughts like the ones trying to take control now . It’s the only way to save our country . Maybe by then they might find some women that can think with their minds , not by their mood swings each months .
    Trump 2020 … make them cry again … approved by deplorables everywhere

  4. Nope Joe ain’t going to be sane that long. They will him and the wicked witch of the east will take over.

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