Rioters Now Boldly Claim ‘Every City, Every Town’

Rioters, armed with industrial grade fireworks and green lasers turned a residential neighborhood into a war zone as they marched through Portland. The mob chanted about burning down the police stations in every city and town and tried to burn down one that they actually encountered. Police used CS gas and rubber bullets to defend their station from the violently progressive anarchists.

Rioters torch Portland precinct station

Hobbled police officials in rabidly liberal Portland, Oregon, weren’t allowed to declare a riot until the mob tried to torch their precinct. Rioters went straight for the security camera with a can of spray paint before attacking the front doors with an improvised battering ram. As soon as they cracked the doors, they started a fire.

As the anarchist rioters made their way through the streets chanting, “every city, every town. Burn the precincts to the ground,” law enforcement watched from the sidelines and didn’t do a thing. That’s exactly what they have been doing every night for the past two months as the children of darkness loot, pillage, and burn.

Social media was quickly flooded, reporter Hannah Ray Lambert “tweeted out numerous videos of the rioters, including when law enforcement officials advanced to clear them out of the area.” She described a “smoky (but not spicy) retreat” and doesn’t think the police were using tear gas at the time because they weren’t wearing masks. She noted that “some demonstrators are trying to reassemble the barricades now.”

Police issue warnings

Lambert also witnessed as “rioters also appeared to attempt to set a building on fire by lighting cardboard on fire and setting it up against the building.” The building was the police station. According to the Portland Police Department, “Some people in the crowd on N. Lombard St. and N. Campbell Ave are involved in criminal activity. It appears these people are trying to break into the Portland Police Association office.”

They had a stern message for the rioters. “to those attempting to break into and/or damage the Portland Police Association building: Stop now or you may be cited, arrested, or subject to use of force. If you are at this location to peacefully protest, know this criminal behavior is occurring and leave the area now.” Older Americans remember the days when protesters were met with water cannons and no fooling around when they got out of hand.

They made it official after their donut supply was threatened. “A riot has been declared at N Lombard St and N Campbell Ave,” the department continued. “You are ordered to disperse to the south immediately. Failure to comply with this order may subject you to citation or arrest, and may subject you to the use of crowd control agents and/or impact weapons.” The rioters responded with industrial fireworks, rocks, bottles, and green lasers. Oregon officials think it’s wonderful that their citizens can freely express their views and are ashamed at the disgusting repression shown by their officers who will soon be on the unemployment line because their services are no longer required.

  1. I sure hope they show up here. It’s been a while since I’ve participated in a brawl. Give these little Commie Shites the beating their parents neglected too.

  2. Hey, Wheeler is best buds with these “protesters” and I’m sure he didn’t mean they were attempting murder for doing to the police department, he is the chief of, that these ‘peaceful protesters’ did the the feds and the fed court house. After all he was right on the front line with his buds when it was useful to cry “it’s Trump and the fed’s fault”. Now he is crying a new song because his besties are attacking his city and police department cause those nasty old feds put a halt to attacking them and federal property. How about you start acting like a grown adult instead of a spoiled child Wheeler and allow the police to put an end to these terrorist destroying your city instead of trying to spite Trump. What a pathetic waste of space these democrats are and as for the protesters, well we ain’t going to take it so you best stay right where you are in the liberal lala land.

    1. Or even better yet, Allow the People that live and Make a living Have their WAY with the C.S. Girly Boys and also do the manly girls. When they have been F—Ked over real good, send them back to there social communist A$$hole pairents where even THEY WILL NOT Recognize them! Ship the “family” off the communist country of there “own” Pick! North Korea, would do it for me!

  3. These liberal POS politicians have had more than enough time to quell this behavior. At this point, the Feds have an obligation to stop it and protect the law abiding citizens in these cities. Arrest Wheeler and his cronies for their complicit actions in this destruction.

  4. EVERY city??? PULEESEE!!! This can be gotten away with in Liberal run City Councils… not Conservatives… they will be beat to the ground… if I were they I would rethink going Southeast or even Mid West with this crap… we shoot looters where I’m from, no qualms either.

  5. “Older Americans remember the days when protesters were met with water cannons and no fooling around when they got out of hand.” DO IT !!

    1. I remember when “SHOOT TO KILL” Looters was the preferred method…

      Then the media gained the power to make or break politicians.

      In the early 1960’s under Kennedy/johnson, the FCC changed the rule for the News to be presented as a Public Service as a Condition of their Broadcast allowing the sale of advertising during the news presentations.
      In order to draw advertisers, the media had to guarantee there would be a substantial audience to justify the expense.

      In less than 3 years, the media had FOMENTED RACE RIOTS across the Nation.

      Do you think it might be time to RESCIND THAT RULE CHANGE and get back to HONEST REPORTING AND LABELING OPINION AS OPINION and licensing REPORTERS just like almost every other profession?

  6. It’s time to start shooting these little bastards if that’s the way they want to play, “every city, every town”. Bring it!

  7. The ONLY thing this type of people understand is SUPERIOR OVERWHELMING DEADLY FORCE!

    IF the first violent protestor had been dropped with a bullet through the head NONE OF THESE RIOTS would have gone further.

  8. When the thugs boldly claim, “Every city, every town” it’s time for the citizens to make a counter claim, “Every thug, every color”. The notion that we must wait until the thugs commit at least one overt act of violence before manning up is leftist bullshit. If someone shows up in your neighborhood, dressed in their kill costumes, it’s time to open fire. Waiting for that one overt act guarantees that someone is going to lose everything. And, since the citizens are peacefully living in their homes and not asking for any trouble, at all, I see no reason that someone must donate their life or their living quarters before a defense can start. I’m sure some citizen will own a pickup truck-so, just star blowing their asses away, then load them in the pickup truck and haul them to the dump, where they belong.

  9. The only way these savages will stop the looting, killing and burning is to stary paying for these offenses with their lives! Then they just might finf their Soros and Bezos paychecks are not worth the cost! Start shipping them home in bags!

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