Prominent Scientist Discovers Brilliant Covid Treatment

There are probably several COVID treatments out there but indeed, the pharmaceutical industry has shown its true colors. There were natural therapeutics that cured COVID before the vaccine was thought of but because Trump said something about it, the media lost its mind. Even vaccinated people are catching the virus There are a number of reasons why people refuse the vaccine. The list will get bigger.

There will be a new COVID variant

Every year and it will be more deadly than the previous. So far the Delta variant is working out to be that way. People are less likely to trust “the science” when the liability question is swept under the rug. On one hand, people are screaming you need to get vaccinated. Any outbreaks are all your fault. On the other, you’re told the vaccination won’t completely protect you.

Both doctors and drug companies have told Dr. Fauci that the vaccine may actually be spreading the virus. But you won’t hear that out of him.

COVID misinformation indeed

The National Library of Medicine said Ivermectin “was found to inhibit severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2”. Ivermectin was presented when COVID first showed up. It is FDA approved so it can be prescribed with confidence.

Ivermectin’s own wiki says it was misinformation that it was effective for treating coronavirus, that “such claims are not backed by credible scientific evidence”. Go question the scientists in heavily vaccinated Jerusalem in Isreal who found the inexpensive cure or at least treatment for the virus.

COVID is worldwide

It doesn’t make sense if the world is suffering that we should sit on a variety of cures. But if politics and money is involved, we have to go that direction. Regardless the cost.

Dr. Eli Schwartz noted three medical journals refused the publish the findings. “There’s a lot of opposition. We tried to publish it and it was kicked away by three journals. No one even wanted to hear about it. You have to ask how come when the world is suffering.”

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