Star of David Deemed ‘Hateful Imagery’ By Social Media Platform

The Star of David symbol was labeled “hateful imagery” by Twitter, at least for a day or two. On Wednesday they issued an apology and clarification for what they call a “mistake.” It shows they really do have the ability to police their accounts “en masse” if they choose, they just don’t want to, unless the accounts offend liberals.

Star of David flagged as ‘hate’

Social media giant Twitter quickly backed down in the face of public outrage after locking accounts for displaying the Jewish Star of David symbol in their profile pictures. Twitter admits that the accounts were flagged under the “hateful imagery” standards but they swear up and down it was a simple mistake.

According to Twitter, they weren’t targeting the Star of David in general, only the yellow ones. They got a little carried away and fixed the mistake, they claim. Their story doesn’t quite add up. They removed Jewish stars of all colors and the yellow ones they removed were pro-Jewish even though they were yellow.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism reported recently that they were contacted by “several Twitter users” complaining that Twitter locked their accounts because their staff “determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically for: Violating our rules against posting hateful imagery. You may not use hateful images or symbols in your profile image or profile header. As a result, we have locked your account.” The images all contained a Star of David symbol in various colors including white, blue and yellow.

They can censor when they want to

According to the Director of Investigations and Enforcement over at CAA, Stephen Silverman, “So often social media companies claim that they lack the resources to tackle hate on their platforms, but Twitter has put the lie to that claim by demonstrating that it does have the resources, but chooses to target the benign symbol of a victimized minority instead of the countless racists who use its platform with impunity.” You can post the Antifa symbol all you want but a Star of David is forbidden.

“It is deplorable enough that Twitter consistently fails to act against anti-Semitism on its platform, but now it is taking action against Jews for the simple crime of showing pride in their identity by displaying a Star of David,” Silverman added.

Twitter backpedaled hard. They issued a statement on Wednesday claiming, “the accounts in question had photos juxtaposed with yellow Star of David badges. Such yellow Star of David badges does constitute as hateful imagery since they reference the Holocaust but Stars of David do not.” They state that “While the majority of cases were correctly actioned, some accounts highlighted recently were mistakes and have now been restored,” That isn’t quite true. All the flagged accounts were mistakes.

As Silverman points out, “only one of the accounts in question featured a yellow badge” and the account was doing so as “a means of reclaiming the yellow stars used by the Nazis.” To the investigator, “this is precisely the kind of inept response to anti-Semitism that we have come to expect from Twitter, which just last week tried to convince us that the viral anti-Semitic #JewishPrivilege hashtag was legitimate.”

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