What Really Happened at This Independence Day March?

In our two wildly different American realities it can be hard to know what to believe about anyone or anything; as a rule the best policy is still to judge people by what they say and do, rather than what is said about them. An Independence Day march in Philadelphia made headlines after it was attacked by left wing activists and identified as a white supremacist event. As always, learning what really happened will require going beyond the headlines.

Philadelphia march attacked by leftists

The night before the 4th of July a large group of masked men carrying American flags and signs which read “reclaim America” marched through the streets of Philadelphia yelling “life, liberty, victory,” and “the election was stolen.”

They were met by a mob of counter protesters, who threatened to kill them and physically attacked several. Police were out in force to observe the event, which ended when the marchers all departed together.

Beyond these basic facts, the same event is described by sources whose accounts are completely at odds with each other; explicitly left wing media outlets, and the marchers themselves.

While neutral observers may have been somewhat confused by what was happening in Philadelphia, left wing activist groups were not.

Liberal news reports cite the Anti Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center to describe the march as a white supremacist gathering. As most Americans are aware, however, these groups are some of the most powerful and insidious anti-conservative groups in the country.

To them, anything to the right of Joe Biden is white supremacy and anyone who questions that judgment is a closet white supremacist. So what was the Philadelphia march really?

Looking beyond a wall of propaganda

The group that orchestrated the Independence Day march is called Patriot Front and they were already in the news after members allegedly vandalized new George Floyd statues in Newark and Brooklyn. Perhaps the first case of statue vandalism in the last year that the authorities have cared about.

Unfortunately searching for this organization on the internet will probably reveal nothing more than a flood of articles from the ADL and SPLC stating again that they are a white supremacist extremist group. Their own website is (probably intentionally) buried behind dozens of these headlines.

If you don’t trust the mainstream left then you have to do a bit of digging to find out anything about the organization, which does not seem to have attracted any attention from mainstream right wing media with their Philadelphia march.

The website for Patriot Front itself is littered with American flags and quotes from the Founding Fathers, with a particular focus on the line “to ourselves and our posterity.”

A group which cannot hold a march even at night without being swarmed by leftists and the police must obviously be very much at odds with the state-enforced ideologies of 2021 and the orthodoxy of the America Joe Biden’s donors and staffers are creating.

How and to what extent they are opposed to the leftist regime is a question which is best left to be answered by investigating what they say and do and judging for oneself.

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