Fired Pharmaceutical Workers Explain Why They Didn’t Get Vaxxed

Many health related companies have required workers to be vaccinated. Many don’t grant exemptions. And still others grant temporary exemptions. Such is the case with Syneos Health, who recently fired many of their employees for not getting vaccinated. Syneos Health partners with Johnson and Johnson. Employees are doing the same job, just different employers. There maybe things not being reported.

Again workers are shown the door

Syneos Health is a pharmaceutical outsourcing company that works in over 110 countries and has 28,000 employees. A lot of their employees refused to be vaccinated.

Although Johnson and Johnson have representatives, they contract Syneos to help in that effort. They both sell drugs to doctors and health care providers.

Workers again need to remain confidential

One representative was willing to speak out provided anonymity was honored, “It’s the same exact job, same exact customers, same exact expense reporting. Everything is the same, we’re just employed through different employers. And yet we’re being forced to be vaccinated and they’re not. We’re being told it’s because we can’t do our job, yet my Janssen counterpart can be unvaccinated, have an exemption, and still do the same exact job.”

Johnson and Johnson are granting permanent exemptions to those who work directly for them. The exemptions offered by Syneos are only temporary. Those who asked for exemptions got a contradictory letter Dec. 9. On one hand, the exemptions were granted. On the other, that had expired Jan. 31 along with their jobs.

Florida workers were a little different

Florida employees were granted temporary exemptions and they’re are able to enter the Syneos buildings. You have to jump through more hoops in Florida in order to mandate vaccinations.

Syneos isn’t talking. Former employees spoke up and said the firings are company wide.

Workers learned what went into the vaccines

And they backed out. Many of the Syneos employees had science or health backgrounds. All of them attended a two month class to learn about what was in the vaccine and the drugs they sold. A working knowledge in what you sell is necessary.

A former employee spoke of being insecure around the COVID vaccine, “A lot of us were questioning the shots because they didn’t go through the proper safety and efficacy studies that are traditionally required for all medications. And being in the medical industry, part of our job is discussing safety and efficacy about our products and our competitors’ products with doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. For there not to be safety and efficacy data with these COVID shots, many of us wanted to wait.” It wasn’t so much “bad” as it was wanting more information. Some took the vaccine without question.

Some workers believed the government

The government said do this; it is in your best interest and you can go back to normal. As time has gone on, we’ve seen, obviously, these are not actual vaccines that inoculate you and give you immunity. And there are a lot of reports of—and people that we know personally—who have been injured from these shots, so there’s a good percentage of us that never got them. As data continued to come in, we were not going to get them.”

Some had COVID and trusted their natural immunity. Others had trust in a Higher Power or had a religious exemption. “God gave us an immune system and has already proven that our natural immune system works, so there’s no reason to take an experimental medication.”

Workers didn’t feel like they needed to live in fear

Former employees are seeing a common pattern of this having gone way over board. There maybe exaggerated claims out there on numbers and deaths. Many are believing the news media.

I know that COVID has taken people’s lives just like the flu has, and pneumonia, and other viruses. But I’m not going to inject myself with something that has no long-term data. I’m not comfortable being an experiment for these pharmaceutical companies, and COVID has such a high percentage of survival rate that there’s no need for me to. So many people just live in fear, and they are living through what the media is telling them, and it’s just unfortunate that more people don’t actually do some research. The survival rate is so high and I’m so healthy, that I just don’t have a reason to be afraid.”

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