Patriotic Locals Run Anti Police LOSER Out of Their Town

It seems that patriotic locals in Madison, North Carolina are fed up with a professional agitator who calls himself “Blind Justice” on his YouTube videos. Mike Nelson, a visually impaired alleged veteran, with self-proclaimed brain trauma and mental health issues, spends his days provoking incidents with the police simply to gain attention on social media. The townsfolk are well aware of his methods and they made their displeasure known, in no uncertain terms, telling him he picked the wrong town to terrorize.

The locals fight back

A “parade” of Madison, North Carolina locals driving pickups which “belched diesel smoke clouds” yelled things like “leave our town!” It was a direct response to the sign that Nelson and his mate were carrying, which said simply “F##K Cops.” The song he was belting out didn’t help. “O-lay, o-lay… it’s F##k Cops Day.” It’s no wonder he has so many “encounters with police and other authority figures.”

On Sunday, along with his wife, Christina, who records demonstrations for him, they paid a visit to Madison’s Mayor David Myers. They wanted to show him their sign. The locals reportedly “stared.” One man couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He jumped out of his truck “in church clothes” and “demanded the couple leave the community.” He even “offered to buy Nelson a plane ticket to another country.”

Half an hour later, another man showed that the Madison locals don’t take kindly to such nonsense. He “stopped his truck, cursed Nelson, wrested the sign from him and tore it in half.” Sunday’s protest inflamed residents enough for a response which brought “about 20 trucks full of irate counter-protesters” to town. “We’re God-fearing country boys,” claims 27-year-old lineman Taylor Haines. He stood next to Nelson with a sign of his own which read, “Do you like our town now? Have you learned your drama s—t does not work here!!! Leave!!!”

Not in this little town

Haines takes his community solidarity seriously “I saw that they were basically holding a sign that said ‘f the cops’ in this little town. Now I don’t personally know every cop here, but I know they are small, hometown cops, and they have our back.” That’s why he decided to get on the phone Sunday night and organize “other locals to mount a second protest against Nelson on Tuesday.”

The locals in Madison, North Carolina, like their police department, which “has sought to build bridges with minority residents over the past couple of years.” Chief Jason White is proud of his 18-member department and works hard to develop ties with residents of the town. “I think for the most part, Madison is one of the best little towns.” He’s “trained his officers not to react emotionally to provocations.” Not from the Nelsons or from any other activists.

The locals have been politely asking the Nelsons to take their free speech elsewhere but it’s falling on deaf ears. “Local people care about our law enforcement. And our community’s not going to put up with that,” Haines warns. “Enough is enough. We’re not playing anymore.” By Tuesday morning, he was back with “dozens of other police supporters” who “roared into Madison with engine headers huffing.” Virtually all of the vehicles sported “Trump flags alongside thin blue line flags to show solidarity with police.” The heavily armed “anti-Nelson demonstrators carried assault-style rifles, handguns or knives at their sides as they gathered to criticize Nelson outside the town’s Municipal Building on North Market Street.”

The restrained but angry mob of citizens encountered Nelson as he “organized his crew of supporters and a cameraman Tuesday morning at his Tidball Street residence.” Nelson’s group started moving toward downtown with a new sign which read “Blue Lives Murder.” The showdown of words went peacefully otherwise other than one arrest. There were no assaults and the name and charge of the man hauled off in cuffs is unknown at this time. “I think today went as well as could have been expected,” Chief White relates. The locals didn’t give them any trouble. “We had to ask everyone to disperse but demonstrators left peacefully.”

  1. Good for the people to stand and back there police department . Where I grew up my neighbor was the chief of police . We knew every one of the police officers ,They knew us . We grew up together . No one came to our town and acted like this cause the people were the first to stand in their way . We backed our police no matter what . We knew if we did the crime … we did the time . It’s that easy . We did stupid shit as kids but not as adults . The dumb ass’s out there doing stupid shit as adults must be getting payed to do this . I mean what kind of a person would want to do this bull shit for no other reason then their bored . Hurt someone cause of the hat their wearing , Kill kids . It’s really getting to the point we will have to arm selfs and start attacking these stupid people first just to survive . Just remember when the shit hits the fan … they started it .

  2. I believe that the proper response to Nelson and his IDIOTS is simple and requires an old fashion remedy. That being a good old TAR and FEATHERING. The rode out of town on a rail is a given. So they can’t be called RACISTS the feathers should be brown.

  3. I’m a lifelong conservative Republican and voted against Hillary and Biden. I don’t agree with everything Mr. Nelson does, but you folks need to take a serious look in the mirror. Mr. Nelson wasn’t trespassing and you – the citizens of the fine state of NC – have failed to enact a “Stop and Identify” statute. Yet you support the thugs who rose their baton and repeatedly threatened to break Mr. Nelson’s window – all because he was sitting in a parking lot for a few minutes.

    Your hate of Mr. Nelson has lead you to the dark side of justice.

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