They Just Destroyed ANOTHER City, While Democrats REFUSE to Stop the Violence

Democrats can do as they please, so leave them alone. A mob of peaceful police hating “protesters” went on a serene rampage through the streets of Tacoma, Washington on Sunday. Meanwhile, liberal Mayor Ted Wheeler blames all the violence on the federal troops there to give law abiding citizens some law and order.

It still hasn’t quite sunk in to some folks that the Constitution really is dead. Wheeler insists that the troops get with the program and get out there tracking down Trump Supporters like they’re now supposed to. It’s just as bad in Portland and getting worse by the minute.

Democrats escalating the violence

Word is just now coming in from Portland, Oregon, that someone motivated by the Tacoma drive-through episode that it’s time for Death Race 2021. Monday afternoon, around 1:00 p.m. local time, cops received reports of a car hitting people and vehicles.

A press release says “One person was seriously injured and at least five others were hurt when a car plowed into pedestrians and parked cars ‘for several blocks’ in Portland Monday.” There aren’t any details yet but speculation is that the driver was someone associated with the Democrats, after being egged on by liberal city officials and the rabidly liberal press.

On Sunday, the mob of Anti-police protesters shattered windows and lit dumpster fires, “after footage of a law enforcement vehicle plowing into a crowd of demonstrators sparked an uproar on social media.”

The New York Post, heavily funded by Democrats, relates, “Videos showed numerous fires and businesses smashed up late Sunday as more than 100 people took to the streets close to where the officer had sped through a crowd the previous night, running over at least one person.” The natives were extremely restless. “At least two police cars were damaged during the rampage as some city buildings had to be evacuated.”

The part that the Democrats don’t want to tell you about that story is that the only reason the officer drove through the mob was because he was surrounded, under attack and feared for his life.

The crowd “had gathered around him and were pounding on the vehicle’s windows.”

Peace in Portland

Right next door in another city well run by Democrats, Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler actually dared to blame “Federal Troops” for mob violence. Now that crack is legal there, he’s been sampling.

According to the progressive city leader, those nasty law enforcement “tactics” are “making the situation much more dangerous” for local residents. The ones throwing Molotov cocktails.

Democrats think as long as nobody is getting arrested for violence, then they don’t actually have a problem. “Before the Federal Troops got here, violence was way down, vandalism was way down.”

Actually it was about the same. The arrests for it were way down and those have a “skewing” effect on the reports. “What happened is the troops came in, they used their Unconstitutional tactics, they injured non-violent demonstrators, and the whole thing blew up again.”

You can’t actually expect Wheeler to put up with enforcement of the law. That’s nothing but White privilege and it’s been totally debunked. “The reason we want those Federal Troops out of our city is that they are making the situation much more dangerous.”

The Democrats might actually have to start killing cops. “I’m worried that one of our local law enforcement officers is going to get killed because of the tactics they’re engaged in.” It’s already rough out there on the streets. “”Some of the items thrown at officers include paint, ball bearings, and glass bottles.”

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