Big Pharma Begins to Unveil DEADLY Side Affects from the FORCED Jab

What? The vaccines might be bad for you? According to the news media, big pharma is saving the world! We can all go back to normal after getting the jab! Right. And we’re still told to wear masks and social distance. We’ve heard about vaccine side effects but those were considered conspiracies. The numbers might be growing enough so the media needs to admit to them. The side effects are coming out.

Moderna side effects

We’ve heard of myocarditis, the heart inflammation for men under age 30. Moderna still says the risk of myocarditis is far outweighed by the risk of death by COVID. Both are deadly, you can theoretically die from either one.

On the bright side, big pharma has had to back down a little. The FDA needs more time to look into that side effect for those aged 12-17. Those years face a lot of change and in a demographic that sees miniscule COVID risk, backing off is good.

Big pharma gambles

Moderna Chief Medical Officer Dr. Paul Burton said Moderna’s problem is relatively higher than Pfizer’s or BioNTech. Data from France was studied and found that there were 13.3 cases of myocarditis per 100,000 people compared to Pfizer’s 2.7 cases over the same amount of people.

The CDC showed that rates of COVID were lower in Moderna recipients though. Moderna had 86 breakthrough cases compared to 135 for Pfizer.

Big pharma is using genetic modification

Instead of the killed virus common with the vaccines required to enter school. Dr. Burton said, “While I think health authorities are carefully assessing the data, being appropriately cautious, you can see that they continue to recommend the use of the mRNA-1273 Moderna vaccine. We believe that the balance of benefit and risk is extremely positive.”

Testosterone and the vaccine are clashing for some reason. Scientists haven’t figured that out yet. Moderna uses a higher dose of mRNA than Pfizer. Dr. Burton explained, “I do think this hypothesis of testosterone is important. We know that there is indeed some inflammation associated with testosterone. … We do have in the primary series, as you know, 100 micrograms of mRNA, so we have slightly higher levels of spike protein, and that could be a contributing factor as well.”

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