Mystery Swirls as Traumatized Teen Rescued From Eight Years of Abuse

A teen went missing a full eight years ago while walking his dogs. Rudolph Farias IV, “Rudy” to his friends, has recently been found alive, mostly. Texas Center for the Missing has been searching for him since March 6, 2015. What they found was “his thin, frail body bloodied and covered in old bruises.

Teen unable to talk

He’s not a teen anymore but Rudolph “Rudy” Farias IV was 17 the day he vanished. It’s going to be a while before we get to hear his story, because he’s currently far too traumatized to talk. At this point, he thinks he’s someone else.

His family are doing their best to help soothe his well founded anxieties. Unfortunately, they’re all too familiar with tragedy.

One fateful day, eight years ago, the teen Rudy took his two dogs for a walk in his Houston neighborhood and vanished without a trace. “First one dog, then the second, returned to the family home.” Rudy didn’t.

He’s now 25 and was discovered “collapsed outside a church, his thin, frail body bloodied and covered in old bruises.” His family is calling it a miracle. They couldn’t wait to share the news on Facebook.

It’s him!!! It’s our Rudy,” they posted. “He’s been found and he’s alive and in the hospital right now.” His road to recovery is only beginning and apparently will be a difficult one. Rudy “remains too traumatized to speak,” they relate.

Accounts from his disappearance as a teen note that before he went missing, he “suffered from depression and anxiety.” That was related to the separate and untimely deaths of both his father and brother.

String of tragedies

Many of the emotional challenges Rudy faced as a teen stem from the deaths of his father and brother. Rudolph Farias III was “a 21-year police veteran” with the city of Houston, Texas.

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, Officer Farias “shot himself in his police vehicle while still in uniform, just hours after he and three other officers were ordered to turn in their badges.” Apparently, he was the target of “an internal affairs ticket-rigging investigation.

Not long after that incident, “Farias lost his older brother to a motorcycle accident.” Apparently, one which he witnessed. The young teen and his mother “were two of the first people to reach the accident scene.

A private investigator on his case, Brenda Paradise, noted that “He’s just had so much thrown at him the past few years.” Whatever happened after he disappeared must have been a whole lot worse.

The hospital won’t let them share his location “for his protection and safety” but they can talk about how he’s doing. Rudy “is spending much of his time curled in a fetal position in his hospital bed, his family at his side. He has little memory, and is barely able to speak.” Relatives add that “he flinches if you try to touch him or hug him, thinking we are going to strike him.” His teen disappearance may have been a kidnapping.

He thinks his name is Julio Torres and he’s 14. The doctors said not to correct him, to just go with it for now until he can begin to receive further treatment, to begin healing and recovery.” Physically, he’s also got signs of abuse. “Rudy is in pretty bad shape. He has cuts, soft tissue tumors, small hole openings and swelling on the soles of his feet, along with bruising, old and new cuts/scrapes on his body, old dry blood on his head and hair. He’s clearly been through hell. God only knows what he has endured during his time away from home.

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