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Trump Turncoats Emerge, Showing Their TRUE Colors

Fox News has some bad news about President Trump. His days are numbered. The latest host to step off the Trump train is Laura Ingraham. She kicked off her Monday night show by telling viewers that Joe Biden will indeed be inaugurated in January. Is it time to give up?

President Trump on his way out?

Fox News host Laura Ingraham started off Monday night’s program with a sobering prediction: Trump is done, and Joe Biden will be inaugurated in January. Ingraham says she doesn’t want to get her viewers hopes up by peddling the “false reality” of a potential Trump victory.

She acknowledged that there are lawsuits pending in several battleground states. However, chances of the Trump team getting the election results overturned in the Supreme Court are slim to none.

“As unpleasant and disappointing as these past three weeks have been to so many of us, as much as we wish things were different, this is where things stand tonight. Unless the legal situation changes in a dramatic and unlikely manner, Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th,” Ingraham said on Monday night.

She admitted that the election was rife with problems and potential fraud. However, she just doesn’t see how Trump can turn things around. She’s also well aware of the recent criticisms surrounding Fox News and she’s hoping that Conservatives don’t pile on and call her a sellout. “To say this does not constitute being a sellout to the Conservative populist movement that I’ve been fighting for, I don’t know, 25 years,” Ingraham declared. “And it does not mean that I disagree at all with the President’s right and obligation to pursue all legitimate legal challenges to this outcome. To say this constitutes living in reality. And if I offered you a false reality, if I told you that there was an excellent, phenomenal chance that the Supreme Court was going to step in and deliver a victory to President Trump, I would be lying to you.”

Mainstream media is ready for Biden

President Trump’s legal team is scrambling to prepare their case for court. Do they have a chance? Or are they just wasting everyone’s time and getting our hopes up?

Sidney Powell assures us the evidence they have is earth-shattering and will have worldwide consequences. It better be.

Every day that goes by, more and more Conservatives are losing hope. How could Sleepy Joe Biden have won this election with the greatest voter turnout in American history? The guy can’t even get a dozen people to show up to his rallies.

Trump on the other hand has a massive crowd everywhere he goes. Americans are patiently waiting for the final election results.

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