CNN Political Director Forced to Admit the Truth

CNN should have been celebrating Tuesday night. Election night was a success. A couple victories were in Ohio and Kentucky’s governor. But the Political Director was looking ahead to 2024. The numbers were grim by the network’s own polling for the man in the White House. Biden’s job performance is terrible. Only 39% of those polled approved of the current President. Disapproval was 61%.

The CNN Director

Can see the writing. “Tonight is undoubtedly a good night for the Democrats. There’s no doubt about it,” Chalian started, “The country has soured on Joe Biden.” Only 23% of Americans think the country is on the right track. A large majority or 72% think the President isn’t leading well.

In terms of the man personally, an equally large majority or 74% think he’s not fit for the job. Only 25% said he’s still capable. These are current numbers but they don’t promise to be any better in 12 months.

CNN doesn’t know

If he’s even going to be the Democrat nominee. Poll numbers published by fellow liberal Democrat entities show Trump slamming Biden by five swing states that will be critical to Democrat votes. Obama campaign guru David Axelrod used those numbers to gently suggest that Biden step aside to help the party.

Chalian thought the same. “What we’re seeing tonight is, the Democratic brand is not in trouble here. Joe Biden is in trouble.” Everything is in the air.

CNN and others

Think that Biden is not the master of the party, he’s a creature of it. A “moderate” group of fierce leftists got him in the primary but he’s been pushed along by progressives that keep going further left.

The zeal on some of the agenda is nearly religious. Abortion is one. Open borders, obsessing over race and the willingness to sacrifice the engine of America on the alter of climate change are more examples. The insane belief that men and women can change their bodies is right up there too.

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