Representative Sean Casten insults firearm owners

Democrat Rep ‘Having Small Genitals’ is NOT a Reason to Own a Firearm

When speaking to voters at a virtual campaign event, Representative Sean Casten of Illinois decided to lash out at law abiding firearm owners.

“If you are a constitutionalist, unless you’re a member of a well-regulated militia, tell me why you need to own a gun, right? Having small genitals is not a sufficient reason to own a gun,” said Casten.

Using the insult one typically hears about men who drive large trucks, Casten crudely suggested that those who own firearms are overcompensating for being ‘poorly endowed’.

Jeanne Ives, Casten’s Republican challenger in the November election, posted the video of his statement, and made a comment about his radical policies.

“Sean Casten sold himself to IL06 as moderate in 2018, he represents decent professional people. In this clip, he takes a radical position and describes those who oppose him in the most offensive, degrading terminology that he can possibly think of. Casten has shown us who he is — an extremist, and what he wants — to abolish freedoms and make government your keeper. Our question to voters: Is that what you want?” Murphy stated.

The National Rifle Association‘s official Twitter account also commented on his disdain for American firearm owners:

According to Jeanne Ives’ post about Casten’s campaign event, Casten also used his time speaking to voters to make the case to decriminalize all drugs, and referenced his own college drug experimentation.

Apparently, according to Casten, drugs are okay, but protecting yourself and your loved ones is not. At a time when riots, looting, and chaos flood the streets of our cities, a sitting Congressman thinks that outlawing firearms and legalizing drugs is a solution. This is yet another piece of evidence of the depravity of today’s Democrat party.

  1. Looks like he knows of what he speaks. I feel so sorry for him. I’m a woman what does that say about us woman that own guns?

  2. I commented on this article yesterday and today its not here. I told this want to be a man if he ever wanted to see my ball and then he would know what s real man has in his pants.

  3. OBVIOUSLY SUFFERING FROM PERSONAL EXPERIANCE. IT TAKES A BIG MAN TO ADMIT HE’S THAT SMALL! He probably thinks the 2nd only applies to muskets, so we shouldn’t use anything but eagle quills to write with!
    What a joke!!

  4. So he has a small genital problem, it’s a shame. We who own guns never bothered to look between our legs before we got one for protection and hunting. I can understand he might need one to compensate for his tiny penis but the rest of us are just fine thank you. He is a special kind of stupid.

  5. Democrat Representative, Sean Casten (D) Illinois says having small genitals is no reason to have a gun-and, he’s absolutely correct about that. However, living in a city or state run by a Democrat with small genitals definitely is a reason for having a gun. I’m pretty sure that Casten, who thinks people don’t have to have guns, surrounds himself with people who do have guns and I’ll bet he never challenges the size of their wee wees. Now that that’s out of the way, there is one more salient point regarding having a gun-our Constitution says everyone is entitled to have arms and no where does it say anything about genitals-as a Congressman his job, and he’s taken an oath to this effect, is to defend the Constitution and that includes the second amendment, so he should shut his damned mouth and do his job.

  6. Perhaps this dim-wit-dem should be talking to all the gang members, as well as thugs running loose in the cities across America. Forget about genitals…he should be talking about moral decency, but then he’s a part of the problem with elected Democrat-Socialists. VOTERS are more responsible for electing such idiots like him.

  7. Having no genitals and trying to get at other people’s genitals Of the same gender does mean that you are a democrat!

  8. What a dumb Ass he is, has armed Guards protecting him, we can’t even get our Police or Mayors to help protect us so we are on our own, I hope the next time he’s in trouble,no one comes to help him, total ASS HOLE !!

  9. you are the one with a small penis…you have NO RIGHT TO SAY THIS!!! VOTE RED DAMNIT or our country is doomed…revile these demoncrap politicians

  10. “If you are a constitutionalist, unless you’re a member of a well-regulated militia, tell me why you need to own a gun, right? Having small genitals is not a sufficient reason to own a gun,”

    @SeanCasten, Because it’s our Constitutional right to need, own, and carry firearms. As in the beginning of our country, .. we the people 14 yrs of age and older, can own and bear arms to protect ourselves, families, and country from all enemies when needed. We are the organized, well regulated militia that you so fervently hate.

    You being exceptionally small mind and even smaller penis is also not a sufficient reason for you to be a Representative for Illinois, or anyone else who has half a brain and can see just how far left-winged you really are.

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