85 Battle Ground Districts DO NOT Support Biden

The only reason Biden may have had any support was because he was the only Democrat “running”. He rarely came out of the basement. Democrats had to cheat to get him in the White House. He’s a career politician. He hadn’t done anything in 47 years vs. Trump keeping his promises in only four years. The border is just one problem but it’s enough. It’s at least an attempt to bring in more Democrat voters.

Biden is a place holder

He does what he’s told. He repeats that he gets into trouble if he takes too many questions. The National Republican Congressional Committee found that throughout July voters thought Republicans were more capable of dealing with the border.

It was a nine point margin. With independent and Hispanic voters that point spread was much higher, 23 points. It stands to reason that Hispanic voters wouldn’t be happy with border security, especially if they live near the border.

Biden is a loss

In so many ways. The NRCC noted border security is high on the priority list, occupying the number two concern. Jobs and the economy are commonly higher.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott shone the light on just how bad it is. “To give you some raw numbers, if you just look overall in the month of April from last year to this year, there has been about a thousand percent increase. In the month of May, there was about an 800 percent increase in the number of people coming across the border.” Since Biden took office the numbers on a lot of bad things have exploded.

Pelosi and the media despised Trump

As soon as Biden was sworn in he was given a pen to undo as much as he could. According to US Customs and Border Protection we’re on track to set an all time record high for the year of 1.7 million immigrants.

Republicans and those who elected them know exactly what’s going on. Some states are doing what they can since the feds can overpower. You’re doing the equivalent of spitting into the wind, but we’re not going to just be quiet about it either. Governor Abbott added that people who are caught shouldn’t just be released. “There is another need that has arisen that is a result with my conversation with law enforcement and that is, we want to get away from the Biden administration approach of catch and release. We want to make sure we arrest and jail people who are coming across the border.”

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