Faux Checker Goes to Bat for KNOWN Domestic Terrorist

A Biden Administration nominee is receiving support from Democrats in spite of a history which has prompted accusations of her being a domestic terrorist. Tracey Stone-Manning, Biden’s choice to lead the Bureau of Land Management, previously worked with an extremist environmentalist group that engaged in tree-spiking, a dangerous tactic which can result in severe injury or death for workers who are unaware of the threat.

Nominee accused of eco-terrorist involvement

The Bureau of Land Management is an agency within the Department of the Interior which is responsible for managing land owned by the federal government.

Given the amount of land which is owned by the federal government this is theoretically a very important position with a great deal of responsibility.

Stone-Manning has a history which does not imply a readiness for that kind of responsibility, according to Senate Republicans and some former Bureau of Land Management higher ups.

Several long-time veterans of the bureau expressed concerns that they said ought to be bipartisan regarding her involvement with extremist environmental groups several decades ago.

Stone-Manning was affiliated with a group which placed metal rods in trees that were to be cut down by loggers. Working with one of the spiked trees could have resulted in serious injury or death for those loggers.

She escaped serious charges by testifying against her associates in a federal court, where she could otherwise have been tried for conspiracy.

Vote results in tie in committee

Senate Republicans joined in attacking the credibility of Stone-Manning, pointing out that her nomination was overlooking the fact that she previously threatened federal employees with violence.

Her responsibilities would place her in many strongly conservative areas, where she might have to work with the sort of individuals her group once threatened to kill.

Stone-Manning claims that she only typed a threatening letter from her group to warn others about the danger of the spiked trees. The leader of that group disagreed.

John Blount, who was convicted and imprisoned for leading the tree spiking plot, stated that Stone-Manning knew about the scheme well in advance.

Certain Democrats are painting objections to the nomination as being a partisan attack on a qualified candidate, though the concerns appear to extend to many individuals who are knowledgeable about the subject.

A committee vote on her nomination resulted in a tie. Democrats will now have to decide whether or not their nominee may be more trouble than she is worth before they attempt to advance her nomination to the Senate floor.

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