Vigilant Homeowner Leaves Barbarian Intruder Dead

An armed and vigilant homeowner shot a barbarian intruder dead. The maniac broke his way into a well-defended Virginia castle, threatening the resident with a landscape rock.

Intruder suffers consequences

Police in Fairfax, Virginia, got a call from an Oakton neighborhood homeowner who killed an intruder inside his home.

As soon as they arrived, officers confirmed a man dead at the scene and report he “allegedly broke into the residence.

Around 6:50 p.m. Fairfax County Police officially tweeted that “officers were at the scene of a fatal shooting at a home on Waples Mill Road in Oakton, Virginia.” They added “a man was pronounced dead at the scene.

There wasn’t any reason for panic or lock-down over a single deceased intruder. “All parties are accounted for & there is no apparent ongoing threat to the community.

Just to make sure it wasn’t a setup made to look like self-defense, they sent Detectives and a PIO to do a lot more digging.

After the preliminary shakedown sufficiently backed the resident, police held a press conference to declare “an intruder broke into a home before being shot and killed by the homeowner.

Assault with a rock

There was enough proof that the deceased broke his way in. That confirms for the record he was an “intruder.” He was also wielding a “large landscaping rock.” That can be considered a “deadly weapon.

Things get a little murky about what happened before that, though. This was not a burglar surprised in the night after breaking in with a rock. They had a fight outside, before it got carried in and ended permanently.

According to police the homeowner shot and killed the barbarian invader before calling 911. Nobody else was harmed. They haven’t identified the victim but note “the homeowner and the alleged intruder got into an altercation outside before the homeowner went back inside and got a gun.

The maniac wasn’t content to leave his beef there. He grabbed a hefty stone and carried the fight indoors. Never bring a rock to a gunfight.

Thanks to the miracle of modern Democrat policies, and Oakton’s location only a stone’s heave from our nation’s swamp of a Capitol, you never know when some barbarian is going to invade. The intruder this time had a rock. The next one might have an assault hammer.

The only way to stay safe and secure in the world of defunded police is through vigilant armed defense. Please be sure to take lessons. Spend a whole bunch of bullets in practice. Proper gun control means hitting your target, while avoiding collateral damage. You don’t want to miss the burglar and shoot a neighbor.

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