Biden Now Claiming He Sent Americans Eight Thousand Dollars

Another instance of Biden’s mental health problems was caught on camera.

Only hours after denying claims that the country was experiencing a recession, Biden was quick to change his tune, asserting that Americans are feeling “so down” about the health of the economy and that “there’s a reason to be down” as a result of skyrocketing inflation and the lack of COVID-19 relief aid.

His wildest claim was that he supposedly had sent out $8,000 to the American people…and it’s no wonder people are calling for this man to take a cognitive test.

While at an afternoon summit with the CEOs of Bank of America, Marriott, and various other large companies, the very confused Biden stated this:

“I look at it, and I take it very seriously, the confidence level of the American people on the economy, and they’re so down and they’re looking. There’s reason to be down, but I started thinking about it.”

“You know, the first year we were able to, with the Rescue Plan, we were able to send them a check for eight grand.” 

“If you’re making 120 grand and you get a check for 8 grand, that’s a lot of money. and so it helped save a lot of people, in terms of getting thrown out of their homes and rental housing and a whole range of things,” Biden went on.

Breitbart News reported additional details:

Joe Biden: Americans Complaining About Inflation Forgot We Sent Them a Check for $8,000

President Joe Biden on Thursday reminded Americans suffering from inflation and high gas prices that he sent them a check for $8,000 in 2021.

“There’s reason to be down but I started thinking about it … the first year, we were able with the rescue plan, we were able to send them a check for eight grand,” he said. “I mean a check. Beyond that by the way, there was more than that.”

The president spoke about the trillions he spent in the Democrat-passed American Rescue Plan during a conversation he had with his economic advisers on the state of the economy. His mention of the “$8,000 check” was likely a reference to the temporary expansion of the child tax credit provided to some families in 2021 until it expired this year.

Biden complained that Americans forgot what he did for them in 2021, even as he admitted it was “totally understandable.”

He pointed out that even for Americans making $120,00 a year, $8,000 dollars should have meant a lot to them.

Here’s the video:

What is he even talking about?

It’s really sad to think about how far the country has fallen under the lack of leadership from Biden.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, Breitbart News


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