Helicopter Crew Make Bizarre Discovery: Mysterious Alien Like Item Deep in the Desert [Video]

A helicopter crew buzzing along over a stark and barren wasteland of red-rock, in a remote desert section of southeastern Utah, spotted something totally bizarre. Whatever the mysterious metal monolith is, their discovery sure looks like an out-of-this-world alien artifact. The team simply had to land and check it out.

A mysterious ‘alien’ discovery

A small team of Wildlife Resources Division fieldworkers with the Aero Bureau of the Utah Department of Public Safety were on a routine patrol last Wednesday. They had a chopper out doing a count of the bighorn sheep running loose in southeastern Utah.

The last thing they were expecting was to make a mysterious discovery. Whatever one of the biologists spotted was certainly not a sheep. It looked a whole lot like the alien “monolith” featured in the classic movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

As related by pilot Bret Hutchings, “One of the biologists spotted it.” They only made the discovery because “we just happened to fly directly over the top of it.”

The wildlife worker couldn’t believe his eyes. “He was like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, turn around, turn around!” The pilot finally caught on over the engine noise, “there’s this thing back there — we’ve got to go look at it!”

Out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by bare red rock for miles in every direction was “a shiny, silver metal monolith sticking out of the ground.”

After landing nearby, they carefully climbed down into a slot canyon for a closer inspection of their intriguing discovery. It appears to be around 10 or 12 feet high.

The obvious possibility was that it fell there from an aircraft but that was quickly ruled out. Nothing about the object was random. It “looked like it had been planted.” A foundation had been carefully cut into the rock.

Ready to run for it

Even though they were men of science and law enforcement, that didn’t keep them from feeling a little nervous as they approached the surreal discovery.

“We were kind of joking around that if one of us suddenly disappears, then the rest of us make a run for it.” The polished metallic surface had no markings or other clues to it’s purpose.

One of the team members noted the careful alignment of the monolith with a crack in the canyon wall. There is a small amount of water puddling at the entrance. In the deserts of the American southwest water is a precious discovery which could save your life. The residents of the region recognize it’s value as more precious than gold.

The most likely explanation for their discovery is that it is a work of art. “I’m assuming it’s some new wave artist or something or, you know, somebody that was a big 2001: A Space Odyssey fan,” the pilot laughs.

Tying into both the artwork theory and the alien motif, science has recently learned that the stone statues of Easter Island are each placed where a spring of water emerges from the ground.

Now that the object has been found, perhaps the artist will come forward to claim credit and explain the significance of the discovery. Authorities won’t disclose the location because tourists “may become stranded and require rescue.”

The object sits on public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management who is deciding whether to investigate it or not. “It is illegal to install structures or art without authorization on public lands no matter what planet you’re from,” They warn in a statement.

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