Dem Budget Cuts KILLED HIM

The city of Austin, TX, has been hammered by the defund the police movement.

After the George Floyd riots, the city reallocated $100 million from the police budget.

Those cuts have just cost a man his life.

Please Hold

The national average for 9-1-1 calls being answered in the first 15 seconds is 90 percent.

In Austin, that number is at 64 percent.

Tanya Gotcher experienced this firsthand when she called 9-1-1 because her husband had a heart attack.

The phone rang for 15 minutes before she got an answer.

She even had her father call in the hopes that one of them could get through.

She stated, “It took him 10 minutes, and then the 911 company realized he was in a different county, so they transferred him, and it took another three minutes.

“Mine was a minimum of 15 if not 20 minutes.”

She added, “When you hear the phone ring for 15 minutes, and you can’t get to anybody to help you, is the worst nightmare that you could have.”

This is the reality of budget cuts by Democrats to pull money from police resources to put into their so-called social justice programs.

Source: Fox News

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