Furious Conservatives Boo RINO Traitor [Watch]

All conservative speaker Charlie Kirk had to do was mention the name of traitorous RINO Mitt Romney for the furious CPAC crowd to start booing. “Correct answer!” Kirk praised. “Every time his name is mentioned, you should respond that way because he lied to every single person in this room.”


Conservatives furious with backstabbing traitor

As soon as Republican in Name Only Mitt Romney was first mentioned at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, the record-breaking crowd started angrily booing. It’s clear that furious Republican’s have all but excommunicated the Utah RINO, since he so obviously crossed over to the Democrat dark side. Romney was the only Republican Senator to stab President Donald Trump in the back by voting for impeachment. About 12 minutes into his speech, when Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, mentioned “the Republican Party of Mitt Romney,” he had to pause while the crowd booed. He was thrilled to hear it.

“Correct answer!” He praised. “Every time his name is mentioned, you should respond that way because he lied to every single person in this room that knocked on doors for him, that made phone calls for him, that donated to his campaign.” You can’t trust a single word the traitor says. “We thought that he was going to be a crusader against the Marxist president that preceded Donald Trump.” Barack Obama won in a landslide.

The worst thing that Benedict Romney did was beg “for the endorsement of Donald Trump for the Senate in Utah.” Then, he turned his coat right around and “he goes and votes for the sham unconstitutional impeachment.” When CPAC was sending out the invitations for this year’s conference, they sent a note to Romney warning him to stay away. Organizer Matt Schlapp was asked how “not having Mr. Romney at the event was working out.” He replied “just fine.” The comment earned “applause and a partial standing ovation from the crowd.”


Don’t get ‘Berned’ Kirk warns

Kirk also had the crowd furious with socialist Bernie Sanders. As the first day of the major conservative conference got underway Thursday morning, Kirk warned conservatives to take Sanders seriously. “Get your laughs out of the way and your mockery out of the way and get deathly serious. Because we should not do what the left did in 2016 and dismiss an outsider populist candidate.”

A record shattering number of guests will attend this year’s conference which focuses on “America Versus Socialism.” The left doesn’t want a Democrat Party, Schlapp insists. They want a Socialist Party. Conservatives flocked to the meeting in droves. “We’ve never seen anything like this. Last year’s was our most subscribed CPAC, you might say, in our history. This year, everything sold at three times the pace of last year. There won’t be a scrap of food, a hotel room, or a ticket in the nosebleeds left by the time we get to the end of the week. There simply will be nothing left. We’ve never quite been in that situation before.”

There are a couple of factors driving the interest. “Number one, Donald Trump has given a huge swath of the country great hope that their country can regain its footing.” President Trump earned a huge pat on the back from America last week with all of his swamp draining efforts. Still we’re at war with Socialism. “The other is that the ‘squad’ and Bernie Sanders and others have instilled great fear in Americans that things they took for granted, that were reflected in their country, are now at serious risk.”

We’re fighting the forces of darkness for the soul of America, Schlapp points out. “You could say that it’s both the fear of an America turning away from its soul and turning towards socialism in combination with great emotional connections to Donald Trump for fighting just as hard, and just as dirty, as the other side fights.”

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