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Watch: Knife-Wielding Robber Pushed Former Marine at Store Counter – BIG MISTAKE

After a knife-wielding robber pushed a customer aside at the counter making his way into a convenience store, he didn’t realize that he was messing with a firefighter and former Marine.

That’s when this man learned he was making a big mistake.

The incident occurred at the Exxon Oasis Food Store in Midlothian, Texas, where the masked man with a hunting knife put his hand on the shoulder of former Marine Daniel Gaskey who was waiting at the counter.

At first, Gaskey put his hands up and pauses for a moment to assess the situation before seeing 19-year-old Dylan Bearden brandish the knife and tell the cashier “This will go quick and easy, I’m just here for the money.”

Gaskey shared with Fox4 News:

“He was completely ignoring me, so after that, it was an instinctive reaction. I realized he wasn’t giving me a second thought or paying attention…so immediately reacted, jumped on his back, took control of the weapon. Took him off balance, rolled him to the ground.”

In the video footage, Gaskey can be seen putting his arms around the robber’s neck before tackling him to the ground and taking the knife.

Police arrived on the scene soon after and arrested the suspect, charging him with aggravated robbery.

Now, many are calling this former Marine a hero for his quick thinking that helped to avoid an accident.

Gaskey responded by saying “I’m not. I like to think anyone else in that situation would assess and do the right thing, too. Sometimes doing what’s right involves getting a license plate number of someone driving away.”



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