Graceland Was Just Hit By Democrat Funded Thugs

Nothing is sacred to Democrats. If it means something to Americans, it needs to be vandalized in some fashion. Graceland was hit overnight with messages sprayed about “BLM”, “Defund MPD” and “arrest Breonna Taylor’s murderers”. The Levitt Shell stage where Elvis Presley gave his first paid performance was also vandalized. The defacement covered loving messages left from fans who have visited since 1982.

Doesn’t matter to Democrats

Bill Stanley, Elvis’ stepbrother said, “‘This is totally uncalled for. One of the saddest days of my life. I mean, besides the day that Elvis passed away, this right here is right up next to it.’

In fact, Democrat State Rep. Antonio Parkinson already downplayed it. ‘What’s the real issue here? Every visitor that has come to Graceland has written on that wall and there were no complaints. So, really, it’s WHAT was written, not the fact that it was written.’

If this was a Democrat monument, sentiment might be different

Democrat Rep. Parkinson, what you don’t understand is the messages written on the museum have to do with love and how much Elvis meant to so many people. These messages are the opposite. Hate, anger and politics don’t belong here. This is a museum, a testament to history of both the United States and music.

It doesn’t help that the Levitt Shell has been vandalized six times this year already. The pandemic has cost the area as well. Between the budget shortfall and repairs from the graffiti estimated costs are around $1 million. The budget shortfall is $800,000, repairs may be $150,000. The stage is a Depression era landmark.

Hey Democrats, if you value Graceland, donate

Natalie Wilson is the Levitt Shell executive director. ‘That’s why this is such a devastating situation seeing it this morning. It’s getting worse.’ She’s wise in encouraging communication rather than destruction. ‘Defacing our stage is not appropriate; however, we acknowledge their pain and we want to say to our community “it’s time the conversations are deeper, they’re more productive and that change happens with good communication.”

There’s a celebration of Memphis culture called 901 Day on September 1. The vandalism was discovered at that time.

  1. Once again I say … what don’t the police just kill the dumb ass’s doing this BS . Save the time and money to fix things the delusional democrats destroy . It’s the only thing the pets of the delusional democrats understand . It’s not the delusional democrats themself’s doing this , They know better . So they pay dumb ass’s like the BLM and white boys to do their dirty work . To stop a snake you cut off its heads to kill the body . Everyone knows it’s the delusional democrats backing the terrorists in our country . So what’s the problem with cutting off the head of the snake to save the country . JUST DO IT {} : )

  2. So, i wonder how many people understand Breonna was involved with a street gang selling drugs, I wonder how many people understand the man she was with opened fire and shot a policeman and that the police were RETURNING FIRE??? As to Graceland… well…. Elvis was white after all and everything to do with whites has to be exorcised just like the Germans did with the Jewish…. which by the way, was a repetition of what Dems had been doing to blacks in America…. the German that set up the premise for the Jewish eradication followed the Dem practice and excuses.. just changed the word Black, for Jewish. And now these avowed Marxists that just happen to be black, are doing exactly what Dems did 100 years+ ago, what the Nazis did 80 years ago, what the Japanese did, Chinese did.. heck… what any of the Fascists have done before….. make a reasoning to eliminate those they wish removed. Each time the world realized these Facist regimes were the Racists.. hopefully America does not accept that these particular Blacks are acting for Democracy, just Leninist Marxism as stated on the BLM website…. and oddly, America still hasn’t realized Carl Marx and Lenin were a massive racists!!!!

  3. Maybe this is what it will take for some people to realize the Democratic Party Marxist thugs running black lives matter and Antiva aren’t your friends.

  4. Why hit something so non-political like Gracelands? I think I might have the answer. Some high ranking Dem probably took offence to “Jail House Rock” It’s amazing what a possible sense of guilt can make a person do something strange. GOD Bless America !!!!

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