Biden Just LEFT…

It looks like Joe Biden now only wants to talk to media that are going to be “polite.” 

Biden held a limited press conference to explain the $2 million in sidewinders that were used to shoot down a couple of balloons.  

Some of the reporters were looking for answers on other subjects, however, and that did not exactly sit well with Joe Biden.  

As soon as questions were asked about the Biden family business ventures, Biden shut down the presser.  

Come Back to My Office 

Prior to the press conference even being announced, the White House had sent pre-credentials to reporters telling them they were going to have to “comply.” 

By comply, they clearly meant to treat Joe Biden nicely.  

The New York Post’s Steven Nelson was initially told he could not attend the presser.  

The White House had excluded the Daily Caller, Fox News radio, and the New York Post.  

Nelson, however, refused to leave, and he was the one that landed the kill shot on Biden.  

As the press conference was wrapping up, he asked Joe Biden, “Is your ability to deal with China compromised by your family’s business relations in China?” 

Biden was clearly upset, pausing, then responding, “Give me a break, man.” 

Here is the kicker… Biden then told the other reporter, “Come to my office and ask a question, we can have more polite people.” 

So, I guess we are officially at the point where you have to be nice to Joe to get questions answered.  

Source: Daily Caller 

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