GOP Raking in The Dough From Grassroots Donations, Leaving Corporate PACS in the Dust

Much has been made of the donation problems faced by Republicans in the 2020 election and in the months that followed. With corporations increasingly withdrawing their support, many in the media assumed that Republican campaigns would face massive hurdles in future fundraising. Now that expectation appears to have been wrong. Republican leaders are reported to have vastly exceeded fundraising expectations with a strategy aimed at grassroots supporters.

Small donations save Republicans

Wall Street and corporate America largely halted all support for Republicans after the events of January 6, applying pressure to a GOP which was already financially struggling at the time.

As a party which has, with varying degrees of truth, long been accused of relying on big business for donations, it should have been a crippling blow for the Republicans.

Apparently, though, Republicans have been able to adapt successfully to the new funding challenge, with total donations for the first quarter of 2021 actually increasing dramatically compared to 2019 numbers.

Republican leaders have found this success by pivoting overwhelmingly to small donors and grassroots support for their fundraising needs.

With corporate America doubling down on their antagonism with their opposition to the Georgia voting laws, Republicans may have no other choice than continuing to follow up on their success with small donors.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell alone took in more than $700,000 in donations which were each under $200.

Fundraising woes find an answer

A reliance on grassroots support could mean a major shift in tone for Republican leaders, who now lack most of their old allies in finance and business.

Without the need to appease these major donors Republicans may find themselves increasingly beholden to the wishes of their own constituents.

While it may be too optimistic to expect a full transition to Republicans prioritizing the wishes of the people they represent above all else, at the very least there will be increasing pressure on members of Congress and party leadership to pay attention to the issues which concern the average voter.

Being reliant on donations from individuals is something which many politicians would be happy to brag about. Strong grassroots support is one of the things which every candidate aspires to be able to claim.

For Republicans who now find that it is their new reality, however, there will be challenges in the coming months and years as they adapt to the situation.

For now, however, the surge in small donations can still be a source of confidence for Republicans facing the struggle of winning without corporate support.

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