Would Be Armed Robber Gets the Ever Living Daylights Beat Out of Him

This needs to happen daily across the nation. Punishment does a couple things, among them being humiliation, that’s designed to discourage behavior in the wrong direction. This gentleman hit back hard, appearing to body slam the robber, you could hear him hit the ground! Good! Shame and humiliation teaches in a time when you’re not supposed to do either. Uplifting has its place, yes, but not here.

The robber was all bravado

Til he found out he picked the wrong target. You don’t have to be armed with any more of a weapon than your body. People involved with the martial arts are familiar with this thought.

Squeal like a pig indeed! The robber may very well have had to crawl back to his mom’s house and clean out his pants.

Peer pressure

Is powerful. Not only was the robber shamed globally online through this viral video but he may have earned a dubious honor in school. The word “pig” is a derogatory term used for cops!

If he was attempting a gang initiation, that failed miserably. He may have gotten shamed so badly he doesn’t dare show his face in school! Classmates may ask “what sound does a little piggy make?” in the halls!

The robber might have planned this

But even planned things can get screwed up. He might have needed planning to get the right inflection in his voice. He probably needed it to get the courage to do it at all.

There are recent cases where robbers and thugs get the tables turned on them. Where police have been defunded, some private citizens that have been able to take matters into their own hands have done so.

Cameras are notorious for not being able to identify a perp and the legal system will just bounce them back out again so they learn how to NOT rob somebody. It’s all well and good to want to rehabilitate. Give them the chance to change. But people may have had enough of giving chances.

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