Dianne Feinstein Lands in ‘Hella’ Hot Water

You’re not supposed to flaunt that kind of wealth as a public servant.  People now get into politics for the money. It was never meant to be that way.

There was a time when Presidents left office and might have died broke. Americans didn’t think that should happen so now public servants leave office having accumulated great wealth. Dianne Feinstein is just one of many that will leave Washington set for life.

Dianne Feinstein is for the people

With the help of the media, Democrats have painted themselves to be friends of the poor and the disadvantaged. So how do Democrats justify this kind of wealth? Shouldn’t you be donating things like this to the homeless?

Why can you not walk the talk? Or are those just words you tell people so you don’t step on any toes, make other Democrats look bad? That’s what got Trump into hot water with the wealthy. They want to keep their wealth and power.

Feinstein has been quiet

She’s not been talking too much. There may be more than one reason for that. She’s 88 years old, born in 1933. She may plan on passing away in office.

She has only one child, a daughter so she may leave what she can to that one offspring. Will that enormous inheritance of over $99 million be subject to the inheritance tax at all?

Feinstein’s health may be in question

At the age of 88, you can go anytime. When Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed there were concerns about Feinstein being able to perform her job. She brushed that off.

She even filed for re election January 2021 for the year 2024. She’ll be 91. One wonders if that was just automatic for her, since one of her staff needed to clarify that was just election law technicalities. Nobody knows her intentions.

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