Big Tech and Big Corps CAN’T Stop What is Coming…Grassroots Pull Together to Help Save the Nation

The money will go toward Trump and anybody who stood by him as far as they could. There are far more people, over 75 million, who still believe in the United States as founded. Josh Hawley might have lost corporate cash but grassroots more than makes up for that. He stood as far as he could to keep Trump in office.  Trump asked people several times to NOT be violent. He’s the only President to pull us OUT of wars!

Grassroots will get the job done

The American people regularly pull together in times of distress. Josh Hawley pulled in over $900,000 in January. He released a memo detailing a $969,000 addition to his operation.

It’s more than he’s earned in any one month since he was elected with the average being only $52. About 12,000 new donors were added.

Grassroots knows who is on their side

One of Hawley’s pollsters, Wes Anderson, said, “It is crystal clear that a strong majority of Missouri voters and donors stand firmly with Senator Hawley, in spite of the continued false attacks coming from the radical left,”

The Senate Conservatives Fund already had a bundle for him, more than $300,000. The money may always be for Trump since we finally had a return to original government. Back when we were fighting for our independence, how did our infant government work? Businessmen such as doctors, lawyers and farmers all came together a couple times a year to do any business thought necessary. They then went back to their original occupations.

Grassroots is the opposite of Washington

The Washington DC bubble is a world unto itself and it shouldn’t be. Republicans that wanted to keep their cushy jobs sided with Democrats. As a result, voters pulled their plugs. No loyalty to Trump, no vote, no money. Three Missouri Republicans distanced themselves from Hawley: Jack Danforth, Sam Fox and David Humphreys.

How many of those RINOs were threatened? Did you go into politics for the money? That’s the wrong motivation. Remember, Trump did all he did for FREE. He DONATED his salary to charity!

Mr. Hawley, the establishment may be furious with you. That’s fine. Let them be. Provided people stand by Trump as far as they can, the American grassroots will stand by you.

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