Farmer Begins Harvesting His Corn Field...Then He Makes Disturbing Find

Farmer Begins Harvesting His Field…Suddenly He Makes Disturbing Find

A farmer in Kansas began the process of harvesting his corn last Friday, when he discovered something unusual among the corn stalks.

According to Gove County Undersheriff Shawn Mesch, a decomposing body of an unidentified man was found.

Mesch announced the find on Monday, stating that the body appeared to have been in the farmers corn field for at least a few weeks.

The body is believed to be a Hispanic male, in his 40’s or 50’s.

According to an autopsy, the unidentified man died from natural causes. The undersheriff said that no foul play is suspect at this time.

With there no foul play suspected, the farmer can go back to his busy work during harvest season

Undersheriff Mesch said that no matching missing person’s case has been found as of yet, so they are holding the body pending identification according to protocol.

Gove County Sheriff’s office is being assisted with the case by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.


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