What Caused This Runner To Lose The Race, Is A Well…A D**k Move [VIDEO]

At the World U-20 Athletics Championships in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, one Italian athlete surely had one unforgettable day, as his private parts continued to fall out of his shorts during a race.

A video of the incident has since gone viral, of course.

18-year-old Italian athlete Alberto Nonino experienced the wardrobe malfunction while competing in the 400-meter decathlon. At the start of the race, things were looking up, as Nonino gained pace against his competitors, leading many to believe he would win the race. 

However, once Nonino crossed the middle lane he appeared visibly uncomfortable and began to slow down, as he reaching down to hold his crotch multiple times. 

Sports journalist ‘David Sanchez de Castro’ revealed in a tweet alongside footage of Nonino’s embarrassing moment:

“World Athletics U-20 Championships in Cali, Colombia. Last series of the 400m decathlon. Italy’s Alberto Nonino starts in the lane The very fifth. Ok, but he finally crossed the finish line. He literally came off the end of it.” Spanish-speaking press claimed the wardrobe malfunction happened because of Nonino’s decision to go commando for the race.

And here’s the viral video that has made rounds on social media sites:

Nonino was quick to address the incident on his Instagram story, saying:

“I just want to talk to you a little bit about the rumpus there’s been on blogs and social media in general. I’m conscious it was obviously an accident and I’d like to tell you I’m aware of the reaction and you don’t need to send me the links to the blogs out there.”

“I’m trying to laugh about it now but immediately afterwards I felt terrible and I’m thankful to my friends and family for helping me get over what happened a few hours later.”



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