Father Learned His Fate After Beating His Daughter’s Rapist To Death

Texas justice is served. A parent that loves and cares for their offspring can behave the same way a mother bear behaves when she’s separated from her cubs. Death can result. Child molestation is the lowest of the low, even in prison. Justice would be swift behind bars but 47 year old Jesus Mora Flores never made it that far. Texas also understands to not release the father’s name to protect his daughter.

Death assures he won’t repeat the offense

The court of mankind can be legal system rather than a justice system. Flores’ punishment may be far worse than man can dream of now and it’s eternal.

This is crime of control that a bully would use. The perpetrator deliberately picks on the young, the innocent and those who might not be able to defend themselves. The little girl was feeding the chickens on the farm in Shriner, Texas when Flores grabbed her and brought her to a shack. Her brother told dad what was going on and dad understandably lost it, heading for her screams.

Beaten to death

Upon finding Flores with his daughter with both of their pants down, dad’s fury was turned loose. The Daily Mail reported he “inflicted several blows to the man’s head and neck area.”

When Flores might have stopped trying to defend himself was when the father’s mental switch went off, realizing what had happened. Straight away dad called 911 on himself, afraid he’d killed Flores. The dispatcher couldn’t find the property, prompting the father to scream, “Come on! This guy is going to die on me! I don’t know what to do.”

Unplanned death

Farmers are commonly quiet people, not given to things like this. The frazzled father even offered to drive Flores in his vehicle during the 911 call. Unfortunately by the time the ambulance arrived, it was too late.

The little girl was taken to their local hospital. Forensic evidence did indeed point to the assault. Sheriff Micah Harmon described the father as “very remorseful” and would not press charges. “You have a right to defend your daughter. The girl’s father acted in defense of his third person,” Harmon said. The Lavaca County grand jury agreed with him. The District Attorney Heather McMinn added, “Under the law in the state of Texas, deadly force is authorized and justified in order to stop an aggravated sexual assault or sexual assault.”

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