Biden Goofs Up So Bad Trying to Read Number, Fauci Has to Step in and Do the Talking for Him

President Biden’s questionable mental competence was once again on display during a press conference in which he was apparently unable to read out a number his staff had written down for him, forcing Dr. Anthony Fauci to step in and say it. Biden was discussing the White House’s grim Covid expectations and read another prepared statement which predicted a season of death and despair for the unvaccinated. More inspirational messaging from the president.

Biden botches press conference

It isn’t at all unreasonable for Biden’s staff to want to keep his interactions with cameras and the public at an absolute minimum given his performances.

No one could fault a public figure for stumbling over words occasionally. We might even give Biden a pass for fumbling nearly every sentence which comes out of his mouth.

What’s really disgraceful is that Biden doesn’t even bother to hide the fact that he’s entirely a puppet spouting off remarks he hasn’t even read before stepping in front of the cameras.

If Biden does not know how many Americans have gotten Covid booster shots then he simply shouldn’t be talking about it, rather than pausing his statements so that Fauci can feed him the right number.

If supporters of our geriatric president are offended by the fact that he gets mocked for these displays then they should consider nominating someone slightly less decrepit next time.

Joe Biden should be enjoying a quiet retirement right now, not being dragged around the country having words put in his mouth by his staff. It borders on elder abuse.


Puppet president

Americans have a duty to question the mental competence of their leaders. If the man elected to the office is clearly not up to the task then someone else is making the decisions.

By his own admission Biden does not have control over his public appearances and remarks. We now know that he isn’t keeping track of basic facts about Covid either.

High office in the most powerful country in the world is not an entitlement for rich politicians and you should never let anyone tell you that you need to feel guilty for calling out the president’s declining mental state.

It is shameful that so much of the American media is willing to indulge the fantasy that Joe Biden is actually leading the country and making important decisions.

The presidency was not designed by the Founding Fathers to be a ceremonial position and tolerating a blatant figurehead in the office is a disgrace to the memory of the real presidents who have taken the oath of office.

How will Biden be remembered in American history? He probably shouldn’t be remembered at all, given that he can hardly seem to remember what his own job is.

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