Deal In Congress For Coronavirus Rescue Cash

Lawmakers were actually able to set aside their partisan bickering on Wednesday to negotiate a deal for an $8.3 billion coronavirus response package. Part of the money will fund “telemedicine” services.

Spending deal approves $8.3 billion

The sweeping spending deal will “dedicate billions to dealing with the coronavirus outbreak,” involved sources relate. President Trump is expected to sign off on the package as soon as it gets to his desk. The House of Representatives still needs to hold a vote but it’s expected to pass with no surprises.

“This should not be about politics; this is about doing our job to protect the American people from a potential pandemic,” asserts Republican Senator Richard Shelby. “We worked together to craft an aggressive and comprehensive response that provides the resources the experts say they need to combat this crisis.”

The bipartisan compromise budgets “$7.8 billion in new appropriations, plus another $500 million to replenish an account drained by the initial federal response.” The deal also “includes funding for research and development of vaccines, support for state and local government, and assistance for small businesses.”


Do Democrats have an agenda to raise the stakes?

The White House originally asked for a more realistic $2.5 billion but some say that doesn’t give Democrats any extra funding to siphon off into secret slush funds, so Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer bumped it up to something they can get their fingers into.

“Today, Democrats and Republicans in Congress showed they can come together in a bipartisan way to respond to the coronavirus in a swift, smart and strategic way to keep the American people safe,” Schumer announced. “I’m pleased that this bipartisan agreement rejects the Trump administration’s dangerously inadequate proposal and is much closer to the $8.5 billion figure that I believed was more appropriate.”

Chuck Schumer also fought tooth and nail to keep Mick Mulvaney from becoming the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, when he wrestled the job away from the Democrat appointee Leandra English. Whoever runs the CFPB is in charge of a very powerful “slush fund.” When Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren created it, the program funneled billions into democrat projects behind the scenes under the guise of protecting the public.

The money is supposed to go toward “educating the public” but all the checks went to Democrats. The Cause of Action Institute blew the whistle on “a $14 million CFPB contract with GMMB Inc.” GMMB is “a powerful media consulting shop that has produced political ads for Obama and 2016 runner-up Hillary Rodham Clinton.” Democrats seem to be up to their old tricks.

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