Conservatives outraged as Dems Push to Keep States on Lockdown Forcing the Economy to Crumble

Want or need to go back to work or school? Want to be able to see friends and family again? If you live in a growing number of Democrat states, fat chance. Democrats, like sharks, smell blood in the water. Michigan, North Carolina, Kentucky and Illinois are joining the chorus of waiting for a vaccine. If the economy crashes, it can be blamed on Trump. What Dems don’t take into account is if businesses aren’t making money, incoming taxes slow so the politicians don’t get paid.

Dems chopping off their noses to spite their face

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker also has daily coronavirus briefings. “I think everybody needs to think seriously about canceling large summer events,” Pritzker said. “From my perspective today, I do not see how we are going to have large gatherings of people again until we have a vaccine, which is months and months away. I would not risk having large groups of people getting together anywhere. I think that’s hard for everybody to hear, but that’s just a fact.”

HIV still doesn’t have a vaccine and that happened over 20 years ago. The Governor even suggested not postponing a July 1 vote for the minimum wage hike.

“It’s only the large business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce who have brought this up,” he said. “The truth is, I think the current conditions actually indicates more than ever before why we need to raise the minimum wage across the state. It is a very small raise.” Governor Pritzker probably had courses in basic economics but Dem strategy is more important.

Now the protestors are conservatives, independents and business owners

Protestors interrupted Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s (D) coronavirus press conference, demanding he “open up Kentucky”. But Democrat strategy stands firm. “We do have some folks up in here in Kentucky today — and everybody should be able to express their opinion — that believe we should reopen Kentucky immediately, right now. Folks, that would kill people. That would absolutely kill people,” Beshear said.

“My job isn’t to make the popular decision, but the right decision,” he added, “and the decision that saves peoples’ lives.”

In Raleigh, NC, protestors were arrested for gathering in their cars. Police claimed this was “non essential activity”. Most of #ReOpenNC protestors were abiding by the social distancing guidelines.

Governor Roy Cooper’s executive order has locked the state down. Other governors may have end dates, but not Governor Cooper.

#ReOpenNC protestors are mostly small business, seeing lives and livelihoods ruined. Ashley Smith, founder, couldn’t just sit there and watch this happen.

“Our rights and our liberties and our lives are just being destroyed right before our very eyes,” Smith said. “None of us are going to stand up and do anything about it? No.” It’s personal for the mother of four.

Permission to protest was granted in name only

The group asked for permission to protest and was told they didn’t need a permit. However, the protestors were met by the Police Department. There was over 100 people at the tailgate rally.

Monica Ussery, 51 was arrested for walking through the parking lot. The outfits the police wore were “just short of riot gear”.

Smith said this isn’t about keeping people healthy, it’s about allowing us to make our own choices. “We don’t need a nanny state,” Smith said. “This is what I’ve heard from our collective voice of almost 30,000 members… What they’re saying over and over again is, look I’ve been immunocompromised for years and no one’s ever had to come along and force me to do these things. I know how to protect myself.”

But there’s hope

The Pennsylvania State Senate voted to override the Dem Governor’s stay at home order. This bill would partially lift the lockdown imposed by Governor Tom Wolf.

Senate Bill 613 requires that the governor abide by federal guidelines to determine what businesses could reopen. This would allow for mitigation strategies designed by the CDC, Prevention and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to be used. It passed with a healthy margin, 29-21 in the Senate, 107-95 in the House.  A bill was also approved to allow county governments to use their discretion independent of the state’s plans.

Predictably, the Dem Legislative Campaign Committee denounced the move, saying Republicans care more about the stock market than people.

“The Pennsylvania GOP has a storied history of passing irresponsible legislation, but even I’m surprised they’ve stooped so low,” DLCC President Jessica Post said in a statement. “Republicans have sent the message loud and clear: they don’t care about Pennsylvania families or the lives that will be lost should this legislation become law. The GOP’s focus should be on saving lives, not saving the stock market.”

We’ll die a slower, more painful death by being homeless and starving due to lack of income.

State Rep. Mike Jones (R) said the waiver process isn’t transparent and hasn’t been brought to light. “I think the waiver process has been extremely inefficient. We’re concerned it’s been very unfair. The problem is it’s also not been made public,” Jones said, “Those are the big three that virtually every other state in the nation, including many of the surrounding states, continue to operate, and it’s coming at the expense of our state.”

  1. you are stripping every right of your people…stay at home for another year, yeah no, that ain’t gonna happen, you are talking at least a year before a vaccine is available…GET RID OF THIS DICTATOR

  2. “Folks, that would kill people. That would absolutely kill people,” Beshear said.
    Well … no more than the “annual flue virus” does anyway !! This time the cure is worst than the disease … and China will be laughing all the way to the Bank whilst it buys up your bankrupt businesses and industries. Wake up America. !!!!

  3. PRICK PRITZER is all about CHICAGO ONLY… nothing for anyone else in Illinois… My niece is a waitress… She is going to lose her home and her job. She has worked for a family owned Restaurant for 20 plus years. This family has been good to my niece. But if this Restaurant does NOT OPEN by May 1, the family are deciding to go ahead and CLOSE this restaurant permanently… all in the name of PRICK PRITZER…
    My feelings are that ILLINOIS, outside of CHICAGO, we need to ALL RISE UP and protest hard against PRICK PRITZER for his wrong decisions… He is all about CHICAGO and making his name uplifted ONLY and the HELL if the remainder of ILLINOIS (outside of Chicago) go down the tubes…
    (I posted this earlier and it was deleted out – on his site – seems that PRICK PRITZER is not about what he does not want to hear through freedom of speech in USA)… as he wants to be praised only…
    PRIDE comes before a fall…

    1. I agree with you Jane Fairchild, I’m in Southern Illinois, Pritzer is only all about Chicago. Chicago needs their own state because his $hit is rolling downhill.

  4. The sad thing is that thru the election the democraps will keep blaming the repubs for the things they are doing. It will be shouted out by the Soros controlled media and the simpletons in the general public will think it is correct.

  5. Who is Pritzker? OH….you referring to the Chicago Pritzkers. Isn’t that the territory of Ayers, Rev Wright, Rashid and Mona Khalidi, Jarrett, Van Jones and other members of that “squeaky clean WeatherUnderground, Students for a Democratic Society. Oooops forgot Barry, you know, the savior, the guy that gave IRAN hundreds of billions of dollars, and gave China billions to operate their virology labs. Just what is the benefit of creating viruses? Are you studying the naturally occurring viruses? Oh,….just the ones you create. Oh I know know, you study them all for the sake of mankind. Isn’t part of research on viruses identifying the make up of viruses? Most generous gift to mankind. Similar top Chairman Mao’s contribution?

  6. The nation as a whole should remove these governors from office as a clear and present danger to society and economic welfare. This is insane behavior by Democrat fools.

  7. The Fat Slob of a Governor does not give a damn about the citizens of IL ! He just wants to be a DemiGod in power of everything ! It is my wish that he gets the Coronavirus 10 times over and suffers a horrible lingering death ! Let him Lock this down —> ,,!,, ,,!,,

    1. I’m with you Thomas, the fat slob cares nothing about Illinois, only wants power like the rest of democrats.

  8. After all this IGNORANCE from Democraps how can anyone with a brain even think of voting for a Democrap for any job??? We know that Democraps have only WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER where their brains should have been. This is how they can spew all the WORTHLESS S**t they spew out whenever they open their pie holes. It is also why they have not had an original thought ever.

  9. I would say the only light in all this is that the fools who elected all these Demonrat governors HAVE to now see their folly.
    But I don’t believe they have any mental ability left . So….
    Rinse and repeat…rinse and repeat …

  10. What makes these democrats think they are going to win an election by forcing people to stay home and not bringing back the state’s economy especially when their state is parked next to an republican open state booming economy. The virus is constantly mutating so we just may not fine a vaccine just like we have not found a vaccine for HIV and we live with HIV which can be controlled by your sexual activity while the virus mostly kills our older people. I hope the democrats in their states keep their states closed down and destroy their economy. The republican states with a roaring economy will influence the voting more than the democrat states with a dead economy.

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