Empty wallets Make for New Republicans

It makes complete sense. Everybody knows the Democrats did this, regardless that the media says otherwise. When people’s wallets are being emptied, put the option to change that in front of them. This is a great way to find new Republicans and every little bit helps. The gas station voter has a neat ring to it. The organizer, Scott Presler, maybe filling a void. He’d like to take this throughout the country.

Hidden Republicans

Republican activist Scott Presler has organized a voter drive at local gas stations in New York. He said, “I’ve never been so excited about gas in my life!”

He registered several new Republican voters by pointing out that Joe Biden’s fuel policies did this. We have the power to change that.

Republicans maybe the majority

Presler continued, “We are going to use Joe Biden as a carrot to get people to vote. I can’t think of a more feckless president.” He also tweeted, “Registered voters at a gas station! +10 for the Republican Party in New York.”

His signs read, “Pain at the Pump? Vote Republican!” and “Feeling the Joe Biden Blues? Vote red!” Moms were stepping up too so he tweeted out, “Moms are going to save America!”

When Republicans have power

Everybody wins. New York as well as voters nationwide are furious over gas prices so it’s logical people would switch. Presler confirmed in a tweet that, “New York voters are strongly opposed to Joe Biden’s gas hike.”

There’s no stopping the skyrocketing gas prices either. The ban on Russian  oil only hurts Americans and Biden refuses to unleash the energy independence we only recently had.

Republicans can bring those prices down

It happened once, it can happen again. Presler said this is a way to protest current policies. He added, “The Democrats are really angry we’re registering voters at gas stations. Bless their hearts.”

This drive worked well enough so he thought it should go national. Presler continued, “Gas station voter registration is a winner. We are having such tremendous support & need to take this nationwide.” March 8 he said he was going to start this. He tweeted out images with the phrase, “Promises made, promises kept.”

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