Report of US Presidential Election STEAL Made Public

Now that even Faux News can’t be trusted to report the truth, some Americans are looking to journalists in other countries to inform them of what’s really going on. There’s an “affidavit” floating around purporting to be evidence of election theft.

Report of a hack attack from Rome

News about the scandal has been circulating widely, with the first report originating in Italy. It’s crucial to note that the information is an alleged Italian court document, translated to English. The document supposedly contains earthshaking evidence, but it is presented “third hand,” considered “hearsay” in American courts.

Also, while reports declare the sources and journalism “credible” that has not been independently verified. Still, one thing is certain, the allegations should be run down and proven either False or True. Over 70 million people are anxious to see some sort of election integrity but they aren’t holding their breath over it either.

As stated in the purported translation of the “affidavit,” which is a sworn court statement, “Arturo D’elio has been charged by the public prosecutor of Naples for Technology data manipulation and implantation of viruses in the main computers of Leonardo SpA in December 2020.”

The document goes on to report, “D’elio has been deposed by the presiding judge in Naples.” What he has to say is shocking.

“On 4 November 2020, under instruction and direction of US persons working from the US Embassy in Rome,” D’elio “undertook the operation to switch data from the US elections of 3 November 2020 from significant margin of victory for Donald Trump to Joe Biden in a number of states where Joe Biden was losing the vote totals.”

Things get even spookier, according to the report. D’elio has some serious IT skills. “Defendant stated he was working in the Pescara facility of Leonardo SpA and utilized military grade cyberwarfare encryption capabilities to transmit switched votes via military satellite from Fucino Tower to Frankfurt, Germany.”

Big news in Italy

According to someone the Post & Email calls a “reliable source residing in Italy,” The story that Italy was tangled in the U.S. election scandal is big news.

Nearly a month ago the report was going out on “several news channels” that Italy “played a major role in switching votes from President Donald Trump to Democratic challenger Joe Biden.” Everywhere else nothing was heard but crickets. An audio interview put out a week ago has reignited the controversy.

Maria Strollo Zack from Nations In Action told interviewer Debbie Georgatos on January 6 that she “contacted White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and several congressmen” to pass along the evidence that “an Italian citizen confessed in court to changing votes.”

The report goes on to explain where that affidavit came from. “An employee of the 8th largest global defense contractor, Leonardo SpA, provided a shocking deposition detailing his role in the most elaborate criminal act affecting a US election.”

According to the report and similar ones floating around the social media networks, “Nations In Action, a government transparency organization, partnered with the Institute of Good Governance to thoroughly investigate and research the election irregularities.”

Reuters corroborated that “Italian law enforcement said the pair — one of which was an IT manager for Leonardo — were arrested for allegedly compromising the corporation’s network by executing malware able to quietly exfiltrate sensitive data.”

The report delivered to Meadows and the Trump legal team on January 6 notes, “We actually know the person who actually committed the act of uploading the software, where they did it, how they did it, and that has been put into an affidavit with the top lawyer of Italy and was part of a proceeding, a judicial proceeding in a federal court in Italy in the past couple days.”

Another translated version of the story adds, “Auturo D’Elia, who before being giving the boot was in charge of the maintenance of information security for the former Finmeccanica subsidiary dedicated to military services, security and aerospace. Yesterday he ended up in jail on the orders of a General Magistrare of Naples, Roberto D’Auria, on the accusation of having made away with 10 gigabytes of data and information of value to the corporation.”

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