Anti-American Women’s Soccer Team is Dealt HEAVY Dose of Karma

The leftist United States women’s soccer team received a crushing defeat from the Swedish national team in their first appearance at the Tokyo Olympics. The Americans, favored to win the gold and arriving with a 44 match winning streak, were beaten 3-0 by the Swedish ladies, a joyous turn of events for many around the world who are happy to see the frequently arrogant and vocally liberal American team take a humiliating loss.

Activist soccer team crushed by Swedes

In 2005 a small Swedish submarine managed to “sink” a US Navy aircraft carrier, one of the most powerful ships in the world’s most powerful navy, in a joint war game. In Tokyo the Swedes did something similar, but with soccer balls instead of simulated torpedoes.

The American women’s team is probably better known at this point for their political activism than for their successes on the field.

Pink-haired captain Megan Rapinoe spends her free time campaigning for Democrats and promoting  leftist causes. She also has an enormous ego and obscene amount of wealth, though she is always ready to protest when she feels that she deserves to be paid even more.

Before the Tokyo match the team had not lost a game since 2019 with one exception, another match against the Swedish team which resulted in a 1-1 draw in April.

If this record sounds impressive it should be noted that Rapinoe also led the team to a defeat in 2017 against a group of 15 year old boys.

The Swedish team previously defeated the Americans in the quarterfinals of the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro, the earliest exit from the Olympics for the team in its history.


Americans kneel in Tokyo

The Americans lost after kneeling before the game, though not during the playing of the national anthem, as many other athletes have done.

This was not out of any patriotism on the part of the US players; the team has expressed anger at the fact that they have been told to not kneel while the anthem is being played and they have lobbied to be allowed to do so in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick and other kneelers.

The Swedes unfortunately joined the Americans in kneeling before the game, though this should not necessarily negate the fact that the Americans lost after doing it.

Rapinoe and the rest of her team of left wing activists have been leading the charge globally in pushing their counterparts to kneel for BLM; without pressure from them it is unlikely that the Swedish would have kneeled to support their cause.

Regardless, the fact that a team which is more interested in pandering to BLM and waving pride flags lost to a team made up exclusively of relatively inoffensive blonde Scandinavians is something which many people will be quite happy about.

These Olympics are likely to see a more extreme political slant than ever before from left wing American athletes after. An early defeat for some of the worst offenders is a good sign for the rest of the games.

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