Harley Davidson Dealer Refuses Military Wife’s Late Payment…Then She Opens the Letter

When Harley Davidson dealership owner Dennis Packee wrote a quick letter to a soldier’s better half, he never expected it to go viral. He was only attempting to reach out to an individual that he understood was experiencing a struggle. And although he wrote the letter from his heart, he can never ever have presumed that it would touch so many thousands when it was later shared online.

Prior to his being deployed overseas, Christopher Walters rented out a space to keep his motorcycle at Reiman’s Harley-Davidson. While he was away, his wife Jaime, understandably, had trouble staying on top of the rental payments. With 2 youngsters to care for, she was a bit overwhelmed with all the financial obligations she encountered with Christopher deployed.

Now Dennis Packee’s response has actually gone viral …

In her letter, Jamie explained why the contracted payment was overdue. And when Dennis read her explanation, he declined to take her money.

“You send that money back to her,” he told his office employee. “I never, ever!”

Decades ago, Dennis was almost drafted into the Vietnam War. However, when he had his medical exam, he was released. Ever since he has understood the sacrifices the females and males who serve America make regularly.

And Dennis has consistently sought innovative ways to repay it. When he saw Jamie’s letter and late settlement, he recognized this was just one of those chances.

Accepting Jamie’s money was not just an issue for Dennis, it was against a policy Dennis set up more than 18 years back.

He wrote back to Jamie, returning her cash, and also describing the dealership’s policy.

“Enclosed, you will find the check you mailed to us regarding the account of Christopher,” Dennis’s letter read. “It is the policy of Reiman’s Harley-Davidson to waive storage fees for our active duty service members who are deployed. It is our honor to keep your bike safe and secure while you provide us with our freedoms.”

And then he forgot all about it …

Until he was swamped with telephone calls of goodwill and gratitude. Random people started thanking him. Jamie had posted Dennis’s letter online and it had gone viral …

Because Dennis doesn’t also use Facebook, he didn’t know exactly how it worked. The attention not only shocked him but enhanced his love for America.

“It was impossible to answer them all. I got to thinking, this is America and people DO care. They care about their soldiers and they’re expressing that,” Dennis said. “America is still America. I was a little worried about how our country was going, and to see people step forward in this way, it’s just enlightened me. A small effort like this, and look where it’s gone. Maybe more will do the same thing.”


What do you assume regarding this Harley-Davidson car dealership’s act of generosity?
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H/T Patriot Nation Press

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