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An absurd report from an “International Commission of Inquiry on Systemic Racist Police Violence Against People of African Descent in the United States” has declared that the United States is committing crimes against humanity against black people and calls for international intervention. The report appeals to the International Criminal Court to begin an investigation and try Americans under international law.

U.S. police accused of torture

The committee of twelve “human rights lawyers” from various countries, including India, South Africa, Pakistan, and Nigeria, has released a 188 page report detailing alleged human rights violations.

The foreign committee accuses the policing of black communities in the United States of employing racist torture and excessive use of violence.

Hina Jilani of Pakistan, a nation with a really (not) stellar human rights record, is the president of a World Organization Against Torture and contributed to the report. Jilani claims that the death of George Floyd was a case of torture.

Pakistan being one of the most notoriously unsafe and violent countries in the world, Jilani is perfectly qualified to lecture Americans about the benefits of abandoning law and order.

The commission claims that there are two systems of law being employed in the United States, one for blacks and one for whites.

This claim may actually be true. White Americans are subjected to every possible form of indignity and discrimination from their government and media while black rioters and looters are given free reign over their cities.Daily

American citizens tried by foreigners?

Perhaps the international community would like to address the fact that political leaders in the United States are employing the threat of mob violence to force their desired verdicts from juries?

Maybe the United Nations could examine the fact that the ruling party in America is free to call for the destruction of their political opponents?

Unfortunately these international committees are only interested in securing their right to haul American police officers off to be tried by foreigners in international courts.

The American Revolution was sparked in large part by the threat of Americans being tried on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Will the United States Government condemn the suggestion that our citizens be subjected to this even more flagrant violation of their rights?

The United States does not recognize the authority of the International Criminal Court for now. Under the Biden Administration, however, this policy could easily be targeted for a reversal.

American citizens certainly are being systemically targeted and abused by their government. White Americans are being treated like second class citizens and these foreign lawyers are clearly hoping to pile on and kick America while it’s down.

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